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UGI Electric Price to Compare

(Is calculated by adding generation + transmission +  applicable state tax surcharge and then dividing by kWh usage)

As of September 20, 2014 UGI’s Electric Price to Compare is:

Residential Rate Plans GSR-1R

Residential Service (R)
All Usage 8.807 cents per kWh
Residential - Water / Space Heating (RWT)
All Usage 8.807 cents per kWh
Residential Time-of-Use (RTU)
All Usage 8.770 cents per kWh
(Assumes 70% consumption during peak hours with no water / space heating credits.)
Controlled Water Heating (CWH)
All Usage 8.433 cents per kWh
Lighting Service (OL, SOL and MHOL)

All Usage

8.433 cents per kWh


Commercial & Industrial Rate Plans GSR-1C

Note: UGI's price to compare for natural gas and electric can change throughout the year. The curent price to compare is also available by calling UGI Central Penn Gas at (800) 652-0550 or UGI Gas, UGI Electric or UGI Penn Natural Gas at (800) 276-2722.
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