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Secure Outdoor Electric Lighting | UGI Utilities, Pennsylvania

Secure Outdoor Electric Lighting for Home and Business

Make your home or business safer and more secure with dusk-to-dawn outdoor lighting for as little as 46¢ a night.

  • UGI's lighting systems efficiently illuminate streets, driveways and property.
  • UGI will install the light on an existing UGI pole. This way, your home's exterior isn't affected by attaching fixtures to your walls or roof. If a UGI pole isn't nearby, UGI has other options available.
  • UGI provides the electricity, and installs and maintains the light fixtures for a low monthly charge. Your cost-efficient electricity usage is included in the package.


  • Feel safe and secure
    • It's a fact - when lights go up, crime potential goes down
    • You feel safer when you can see your surroundings
    • Prevent accidents more easily with adequate visbility
  • Extend your outdoor activities with this exceptional light source
  • Worry-free outdoor lighting: Much like a timer, the system operates automatically through sensitivity to changing light conditions. No more worrying about whether or not you turned on your outdoor lights before leaving home

Outdoor security lighting safeguards:

  • Commercial/Industrial Sites
  • Building Exteriors
  • Parking Lots
  • Area Lighting
  • Recreational Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Farms
  • Homes

Area Light
Area Light
Flood Light
Flood Light
Roadway Light

Call UGI at (800) 276-2722.

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