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Automatic Deduction (“ABC” Plan)

Save time and money with Automatic Deduction. It’s as “easy as ABC”.

With the Automatic Deduction Plan you can have your UGI bill amount automatically transferred from your Checking or Savings account each month.

Enjoy the Benefits

  • Enrollment is free
  • No late charges, your account will be paid on time each month – even when you are on vacation
  • No obligation. Cancel the ABC Plan anytime you want, just notify us

If you want to view your bill online each month (and not receive paper), then do not use this form to enroll in ABC. Instead, enroll in eBill and then sign up for recurring payments through eBill. This way all of your notifications are sent via email.

Here’s How ABC Plan Works:

  • When you enroll in ABC Plan, your bank will transfer – from either your checking or savings account – the exact amount of your monthly utility bill to UGI on the due date of the bill.
  • Your UGI monthly statement will show the amount your bank is deducting from your checking or savings account. Keep this statement as a record of your payment. You could also enroll in eBill to view your bill online.

Note: If you have more than one UGI account you will need to submit a form for each account.  For example, if you have a UGI Penn Natural Gas account, and a UGI Electric account, you will need to submit a form for each account.