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Breaking Down Your UGI Bill

To help you understand your UGI bill, there are a few key items to note related to your account and billing.   1. Your account number. UGI needs this number to access your account when you call u

UGI Social Team 25 Sep 2018

Protecting Your Natural Gas or Electric Meter

Steer Clear of Your Meter The safe and reliable delivery of natural gas or electric energy is a priority for all of us at UGI. To ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your meter, UGI perso

UGI Social Team 20 Sep 2018
Energy Hot Topics

Boost Your Business’ Bottom Line

Providing more heat per energy dollar, natural gas is an abundant and affordable fuel source that can help your reduce your business’ costs and increase profits. UGI’s Save Smart energy ef

UGI Social Team 18 Sep 2018

Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

Fall is in full force across UGI’s service territory with brilliant displays of vibrant reds, oranges, and gold hues covering the landscape. Changing leaves also signify the heart of hurricane s

UGI Social Team 13 Sep 2018
Energy Hot Topics

Make the Switch to Natural Gas with UGI

There are many benefits to using natural gas as a fuel source for your home. Whether it’s powering appliances to feed your family, keeping the power on during electrical storms, or lighting your

UGI Social Team 11 Sep 2018

Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How

September is National Preparedness Month. Established by the Federal Emergency  Management Agency (FEMA), the campaign encourages residents to be ready and plan ahead for emergencies that may occur i

UGI Social Team 03 Sep 2018
In Our Community

Reading Is Fundamental – UGI September Featured Community Organization

School is back in session across UGI’s service territory. In celebration of a new school year and in honor of teachers everywhere, UGI has selected Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) as our September Feat

UGI Social Team 01 Sep 2018