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5 Reasons Natural Gas is the Fuel of the Future

02 Aug 2018

Natural Gas is quickly becoming the energy source of choice for many in the United States. Millions of homeowners have made the switch to natural gas to heat their homes, cook, and power their appliances. Though there are many advantages to natural gas, what makes it most convenient is its cost-effective extraction from existing deposits here in North America. This discovery has provided a boost to the American economy and a new opportunity for cleaner, more affordable, power.

Here are a few more reasons why natural gas is the fuel of the future!

1. Natural Gas is dependable.

When thunderstorms or snowstorms occur and cause the power to go out, water heaters, lights, and HVAC systems that run on electricity will no longer be available. This leaves you at the mercy of whenever the power comes back on.

With natural gas, water heaters and other appliances receive their energy from underground pipelines, making your energy safe from heavy rain and snow.

2. Natural Gas is domestically sourced.

The U.S. is continuously looking for ways to decrease its dependency on foreign oil, and natural gas provides an alternative fuel source. Over 96% of natural gas is produced domestically, which means investing in the natural gas industry creates more jobs and opportunities for Americans.

3. It is affordable.

Due to the fact it is domestically produced, natural gas prices stay consistent and affordable, as opposed to oil prices that tend to change drastically.

4. There is an abundance.

The U.S. today has more than a half million producing gas wells spread across 30 states, according to a recent report from the The Natural Gas Council. These domestic sources have quickly made the United States the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

Even with the increasing demand, the operational practices of the industry, as well as the physical characteristics of natural gas, make it a reliable and resilient fuel source.

5. It is the cleanest fossil fuel.

Natural gas’s low-carbon emissions have made it a popular choice for customers, as natural-gas fired plants replace more and more coal-fired plants. This is because, over its life-cycle, it emits only about half the carbon of other fossil fuels when combusted. As more and more states look to make energy-clean adjustments, natural gas is poised to be the fuel of choice for many households and businesses.