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Carlisle-based Drycleaners Receives $54,600 Rebate for Energy Efficiency Improvements

09 May 2017

In late April, UGI Utilities, Inc. presented a rebate check for $54,600 to Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats, headquartered in Carlisle, for energy efficiency improvements made to their facility.

UGI’s Brian Meilinger presents Classic Dycleaners with a $54,600 rebate for energy efficiency upgrades through the Save Smart program.

The rebate is part of UGI’s Save Smart energy efficiency and conservation (EE&C) program, an initiative designed to provide financial incentives for both homeowners and businesses to install energy efficient appliances and equipment. The Classic Drycleaners project is the first commercial project completed under the Gas EE&C program, which went into effect in January 2017.

“UGI’s EE&C program provides incentives for residents to upgrade equipment ranging from Wi-Fi thermostats to high efficiency natural gas furnaces and boilers,” Brian Meilinger, UGI’s manager of energy efficiency and conservation, said. “It also allows commercial customers to design custom programs that best fit their business needs. Classic Drycleaners is an excellent example of how this program can be applied to fit those unique needs.”

Save Smart commercial rebates include savings on water heaters, commercial boilers, and more.

Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats serves the greater Harrisburg area at nine different locations. The firm replaced their two main dry cleaning machines, 13 self-service natural gas dryers, and installed steam traps and steam pipe insulation to qualify for the rebate. The firm expects to save more than $26,000 in natural gas costs annually from these upgrades. This project is part of a larger company renovation focused on energy efficiency.

“Energy efficiency is good for our business, good for our customers, and good for the environment,” Paula Gribble, owner and general manager of Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats, said. “I’m very pleased UGI was able to work with us to achieve these savings, which will help us remain the premier garment cleaning firm in the region.”

UGI customers interested in learning more about the EE&C program are encouraged to visit www.ugi.com/savesmart.