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Keeping Your Family Safe

We know you and your family rely on UGI to ensure the safe delivery of energy to your home. As essential employees, UGI’s field technicians are working hard to be sure all customers continue to rece

UGI Social Team 10 Jun 2020
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National Consumer Protection Week 2020

This week, March 1-7, marks National Consumer Protection Week, a time to educate ourselves and safeguard against falling victim to impostor utility scams. To help you stay safe, UGI recommends the fol

UGI Social Team 02 Mar 2020
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Utility Scam Awareness Week 2019

It’s Utility Scam Awareness Week (November 17 – 23). An initiative founded by Utilities United Against Scams, the week highlights the many ways utility scams are targeted to electric, water, a

UGI Social Team 18 Nov 2019
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UGI Urges Customers to Apply for Heating Grants

UGI encourages eligible natural gas and electric customers to apply for federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funds to help cover their heating costs this winter. The Pennsylvania

UGI Social Team 11 Nov 2019
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Understand Your Winter Bill

UGI reminds customers that the winter months bring cold weather that can have an impact on your heating bill, since cool temperatures mean that more energy is needed to keep your home warm and comfort

UGI Social Team 29 Jan 2019
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Need to Start or Transfer Service?

Are you moving and need to transfer services?   UGI offers online forms to conveniently assist customers. Visit our website and complete the forms for starting, stopping, or transferring natura

UGI Social Team 15 Nov 2018
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Start Saving with Natural Gas

Natural gas from UGI is an efficient source of energy that is reliable, affordable and easy on the environment. On average, customers who heat with natural gas save hundreds of dollars per year over o

UGI Social Team 13 Nov 2018
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Worry-free Billing this Holiday Season

UGI wants to make paying your bill is as convenient and as stress-free as possible! UGI provides two services that help you to keep track of your bill online and always pay on time—even if you are a

UGI Social Team 06 Nov 2018
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Reduce Your Energy Bills with LIURP

Helping keep your family safe, home comfortable, and energy bills low.   Winter is right around the corner and colder temperatures bring higher energy bills. Do you need assistance paying your bi

UGI Social Team 16 Oct 2018
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Energy Assistance Coming Soon

Pennsylvania’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) reopens  November 1, giving income-qualified customers the opportunity to apply for energy assistance grants. Customers must meet t

UGI Social Team 11 Oct 2018
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Breaking Down Your UGI Bill

To help you understand your UGI bill, there are a few key items to note related to your account and billing.   1. Your account number. UGI needs this number to access your account when you call u

UGI Social Team 25 Sep 2018
Customer Service

Need Assistance Paying Your Energy Bill? UGI Can Help!

Colder weather is right around the corner and lower temperatures bring higher energy bills. Do you need assistance paying your bills? UGI is committed to helping customers who make a sincere effort to

UGI Social Team 23 Aug 2018
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Is Your HVAC System Ready for Winter?

Use UGI’s Online Contractor Locator Tool UGI provides an easy-to-use online tool for customers who require installation or service of equipment. Our Contractor Locator connects you with qualifie

UGI Social Team 21 Aug 2018
Customer Service

Win a Nest Thermostat from UGI

Are you ready to start saving energy and money? At UGI we strive to provide our customers with an exceptional online experience, which is why we’re excited to share our newly enhanced website. To be

UGI Social Team 21 May 2018
Customer Service

Need Help Paying Your Utility Bill?

Colder temperatures can mean higher heating bills. UGI offers a variety of assistance programs and weatherization grants to help qualified customers pay their natural gas or electric bill. UGI’s

UGI Social Team 27 Feb 2018
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Enjoy Worry-Free Payments with UGI’s AutoPay Billing Plan

Experience the convenience and freedom of UGI’s AutoPay plan when it comes to paying your UGI natural gas or electric bill. With UGI’s AutoPay plan, you can have your UGI bill amount autom

UGI Social Team 08 Feb 2018
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Energy Efficiency Program Expansion Offers UGI-PNG Customers Options to “Save Smart”

Saving energy and money on utility bills just got a whole lot easier this year for customers in UGI’s Penn Natural Gas (PNG) service region. With the expansion of  UGI’s Save Smart Energ

UGI Social Team 23 Jan 2018