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Downtown Harrisburg Churches Get UGI Energy Rebates

14 Nov 2017
UGI’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation program supports Harrisburg churches’ high-efficiency boilers.

UGI recently presented energy rebate checks totaling $10,000 to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on State Street in Harrisburg and nearby St. Lawrence Chapel as part of its Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) program. UGI’s EE&C program provides financial incentives for customers to install energy-efficient appliances and equipment.

According to UGI Energy Efficiency analyst, Joe Nunley, EE&C rebates help non-profit organizations direct more of their funds to their causes. These rebates encouraged the two churches to install new high-efficiency commercial boilers that will generate an estimated total annual cost savings of nearly $7,000, enabling them to pay for their new furnaces a full year and a half sooner than if they had done the projects without rebate help.

St. Patrick’s Rev. Joshua Brommer said UGI’s EE&C program “gave us an incentive to explore a more responsible use of energy that both safeguards natural resources and exercises good stewardship of parish funds. We are so grateful to UGI staff for their direction and guidance in exploring this option for our parish.”

For more information about UGI’s Save Smart Energy Efficiency and Conservation program, as well as how to apply for a rebate for your business, visit www.ugi.com/commgasrebates.