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Energy Efficiency Program Expansion Offers UGI-PNG Customers Options to “Save Smart”

23 Jan 2018

Saving energy and money on utility bills just got a whole lot easier this year for customers in UGI’s Penn Natural Gas (PNG) service region. With the expansion of  UGI’s Save Smart Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program, more customers than ever can now take advantage of these energy saving programs to reduce their utility costs and energy consumption.

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The program provides financial incentives, including several rebate options for customers who upgrade heating systems or appliances to more efficient equipment, that encourage customers to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Whether you’re remodeling your home or are ready to make the switch to natural gas for your home heating and appliances, UGI’s Save Smart Program allows customers to save big all year long!

Use the chart below to see how much you could save with available residential equipment rebates:

So, “think energy” and get started today! Visit www.ugi.com/savesmart to start saving energy and money with UGI’s Save Smart Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program.