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Public Service Announcement: Flooding Has Impacted UGI’s Service Region

13 Aug 2018

Several areas within the UGI Utilities service territory are experiencing severe flooding conditions, including the Frackville, Pottsville, and Port Carbon Areas.

UGI personnel are in place at these locations, and working closely with first responders to address natural gas emergencies, and to address any potential service outages as quickly as possible. In addition, personnel are monitoring conditions in surrounding areas and are prepared to respond as necessary.

Customers are advised that flooding may result in natural gas service interruptions and potential electric power outages. UGI customers whose natural gas service has been affected by severe flooding conditions are asked to contact UGI Utilities at 1-800-276-2722. In addition, if you detect an odor of natural gas, which has an odorant added to aid in detection similar to that of rotten eggs, leave the area immediately and call UGI from a location where the odor of gas is no longer detected.

Submerged gas meters or regulators must be turned off and inspected by qualified utility personnel before service can be restored. Gas service can only be restored after floodwaters have completely receded and all standing water, mud and debris has been pumped out.  Under no circumstances should customers attempt to turn the gas back on themselves. UGI personnel will restore each individual gas service and relight pilots to functioning equipment when it is safe to do so. This often requires electrical service to the property to be restored. For customers with inside meters, UGI will need access to the home to restore service.

If your natural gas furnace, boiler, water heater, or other gas appliance has been submerged, most manufacturers recommend you have the appliance inspected and possibly replaced. Please contact a qualified plumbing and heating contractor for service. To find a reputable contractor in your area, visit www.ugi.com/contractor.