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Meter Safety for the Winter-Wise Resident

01 Dec 2019

After a weekend of blustery weather and dropping temperatures, we can safely say winter is here to stay. As we enter the winter months, there is a potential for significant snow and ice accumulation. If you have an outdoor meter, consider the following winter weather meter safety tips:

  • Check your gas meter, gas piping, and appliance vents regularly to ensure they are not blocked by snow or ice.
  • Always clear snow and ice carefully by hand with a broom or shovel. Never use a plow, snow blower, salt, hot water, or ice melting chemicals to remove snow or ice from your meter or pipes.
  • UGI personnel must be able to easily access your meter to perform routine maintenance and emergency tasks. If snow accumulates, carefully clear a safe path to access your meter.

snow covered gas meters

  • If your meter is near a sidewalk or driveway, make sure that it is visible to snowplow drivers.
  • UGI adds an odorant, which smells like rotten eggs, to natural gas to help you detect a gas leak. If you smell an odor of rotten eggs, it’s important to leave the building immediately. Leave the door open, and once clear of the area call UGI at 1-800-276-2722 from your cell phone or neighbor’s home.

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