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Protect Yourself Against Scams

20 Jul 2018

UGI wants customers to be aware of, and protect themselves from, individuals who may be posing as utility employees either in person or on the phone. To help prevent imposters from gaining access to customers’ homes or personal information, UGI urges customers to keep the following safety information in mind.

If an individual comes to your door claiming to help you with your utilities but is not wearing a blue uniform with a UGI logo or driving a company-marked vehicle:

  • Ask for proper identification before allowing an unknown individual into your home. All UGI employees carry photo ID cards that display the company logo along with the employee’s photo and employee number. UGI employees are happy to show consumers their ID badges upon request.
  • Know that UGI does not do meter reading or unannounced routine maintenance work late in the evening. Meter reading is performed on a scheduled date, as noted on your monthly bill, typically within the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Be advised: In the state of Pennsylvania, you have the ability to choose your utility supplier and the individual may be from a third party marketer. However, it is important to confirm whether they represent a registered supplier. To check, visit PA Power Public Utility or PA Gas Public Utility, the official websites of Pennsylvania Utility Commission.

UGI also reminds customers that scammers can place phone calls or send emails stating the customer owes money for their energy bills and that non-payment has already resulted in or will lead to immediate termination of service. These scams typically try to obtain personal information from the customer or solicit payments through pre-paid credit cards.

If you ever have any question about whether a visit, phone call or email from UGI was legitimate, please contact UGI at 1-800-276-2722.