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Reduce Your Energy Bills with LIURP

16 Oct 2018
Helping keep your family safe, home comfortable, and energy bills low.


Winter is right around the corner and colder temperatures bring higher energy bills. Do you need assistance paying your bills? UGI is committed to helping customers who make a sincere effort to pay their bill with a variety of assistance programs designed to ease utility expenses and payments.

One of these programs is the Low Income Usage Reduction Program, or LIURP. LIURP offers free energy conservation measures for high-usage, low-income households to help reduce energy bills.

Upon approval, your community-based organization will contact you to set up an appointment and our contractors will visit your home to help explain and implement energy conservation. LIURP benefits no only help reduce your energy usage, but will also make homes safer and keep warm air in throughout the heating season.

Start your application today! Visit us online at www.ugi.com/customerassistance to fill out your online application and to view eligibility requirements.