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Safety First: Protecting Your Natural Gas or Electric Meter

13 Feb 2018

natural gas meterSteer Clear of Your Meter

The safe and reliable delivery of natural gas or electric energy is a priority for all of us at UGI. To ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your meter, UGI personnel must have easy access to your meter to preform meter readings, periodic safety checks, and routine maintenance.

Follow these to keep your meter operating properly all winter long:

  • Do not tamper with your meter, or attempt to service or maintain the meter yourself.
  • Instruct children not to climb on, or play near, a meter.
  • In the winter, carefully clear ice and snow from the meter as well as any appliance exhaust vents. Be sure to clean and repair leaky seams in your eaves, gutters and downspouts to prevent melting snow and ice from dripping onto the meter
  • electric meterNever use a snow blower or plow around a meter. Shovel or broom the immediate area carefully by hand
  • If the snowfall is deep, please clear a safe path to the meter.
  • Keep your meter clear of any landscaping that obstructs access or visibility. Shrubs and plants should be trimmed regularly.
  • If your meter is indoors, do not build walls or paneling that obstructs access to the meter. Also, keep the area surrounding the meter clear of boxes, furniture, shelves, and other obstacles.

For more information about natural gas and meter safety, visit www.ugi.com/safety.