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Save Smart with an Energy Smart Kitchen

30 May 2017

Cut costs on your utility bills (check out our gas savings calculator) while saving energy in your commercial kitchen with UGI.

UGI’s Save Smart energy efficiency and conservation program offers restaurant owners a variety of energy saving appliance rebates and programs to help turn your commercial kitchen into an energy smart kitchen.

Available Commercial Kitchen Rebates:

  • Receive up to $1,900 in rebates when you install an ENERGY STAR® rated fryer in your kitchen.
  • Install an ENERGY STAR® rated steam cooker in your kitchen and get a $600 rebate.
  • Get a $50 rebate when you install a WaterSense rated pre-rinse spray valve in your dishwashing area.

For full program details and to apply for available commercial rebates, visit www.ugi.com/commgasrebates. Have a question about UGI’s Save Smart program? Email us at savesmart@ugi.com.