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Save Energy & Money

This Summer: Stay Cool, Save Money, Live Better

13 Jul 2018

Beat the heat and high energy bills this summer with energy efficient, ENERGY STAR-certified air conditioners.

An air conditioning system has a big effect on your utility bill. On average, half of the energy used in a home goes towards heating and cooling. Summertime in particular boasts higher electric bills due to high temperatures and the desire to stay cool and comfortable. Thankfully, UGI can help you save money, live better, and stay cool during the summer months with our partnership with Energy Star® and our Save Smart rebate program.

UGI is committed to providing and encouraging safe, reliable and efficient energy. We’ve partnered with Energy Star® to provide resources to help you save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

Energy Star® can help you save money and energy when cooling your home!

By choosing an ENERGY STAR-certified room air conditioner, you use 10 percent less energy than standard models and on average, costs run about $70 per year. Additionally, Energy Star® certified smart thermostats provide convenience, insight, and control over your home’s energy usage. Did you know if everyone used an Energy Star® certified smart thermostat, we could offset 13 billion pounds in annual greenhouse gas reductions? For more energy saving tips from Energy Star®, go to https://www.ugi.com/energy-saving-tips/ .


UGI Electric customers! Take advantage of extra savings with our Save Smart energy rebates.

  • Our Home Energy Assessment Program, you receive a free home energy assessment by a certified energy professional where these items are directly installed: up to 10 LEDs, 2 water aerators, a smart strip, an energy efficient shower head, and pipe insulation!
  • Ready to get rid of that old refrigerator or freezer? Enjoy a $50 rebate when you recycle that old, inefficient appliance with UGI.

In addition, get $15 when you choose to recycle your room air conditioner. For more information on UGI’s Electric Home Rebates, go to https://www.ugi.com/rebates-for-home/electric/ .