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UGI Helps Nardone Brothers Expand Pizza Operation

11 May 2017

The eastern United States’ largest commercial pizza manufacturer, located in Hanover Township, Luzerne County, is about to get a lot bigger. UGI is making sure Nardone Brothers Baking Company and its 300 employees have the natural gas and electric power they need to make their expansion an extra-large success.

More than a year ago, one of Nardone Brothers’ two locations, a bakery in Wilkes-Barre, was destroyed by an accidental fire. The Nardones decided restoring and renovating the bakery would not meet the company’s growing customer demand as expeditiously as building a 50,000-square-foot expansion at the company’s Hanover Township location. This facility originally “topped” pizza shells baked in Wilkes-Barre and then shipped them throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

UGI employees Larry Sipsky, Tim Adams, and Joe Bauman inspect the upgraded gas metering facilities.

“We always wanted to do it,” said co-owner Thomas Nardone, speaking of the expansion, “but the longer we waited the bigger (our needs) got. From something catastrophic, we found a way to move forward.”

From UGI’s perspective, the Nardone Brothers’ expansion presents an interesting challenge. The expanded facility requires a diversified electric load, ranging from freezers to ovens and conveyors. Because there will be greater need for electric power, UGI added a second 2000kv electric service to the plant and installed a new electric meter – on a Sunday so as not to disrupt the plant’s production. In addition, UGI added facilities to accommodate the increased gas flow.

Nardone Brothers’ new facility has been upgraded to include expanded electric and gas power for its operations.

The Nardone family has been in the pizza business since 1942. Thanks to clean and affordable natural gas fueling their continued growth, they look forward to their next 75 years of operation so future generations will continue to “taste the tradition.”