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UGI Reinforcement Projects: Enhancing Natural Gas Supply

20 Mar 2017

Over the past five years, UGI has added 85,000 new residential and commercial natural gas customers. It is anticipated that growth will continue. UGI works continuously to improve its infrastructure and to expand its natural gas distribution systems to reach these additional customers.

To serve UGI’s existing and future customers, the company has launched a multi-year “reinforcement” effort to bring additional gas supplies to communities in the UGI service territory that have experienced significant growth.

The list of recent natural gas system reinforcement projects includes Millersville, Lancaster County; Mechanicsburg in Cumberland County; Palmerton in Carbon County; and in the Lehigh Valley. Typically, these projects involve major construction, completed in stages over a number of years. Sometimes they require several miles of new pipeline.

Demand for natural gas inevitably increases as neighborhoods grow. Usage also increases as customers convert to gas from other fuels and as businesses already using natural gas find new uses for the clean, economical fuel. UGI draws upon a variety of solutions to ensure there is sufficient natural gas supply available.

In some cases, reinforcement means installing new natural gas lines capable of operating at higher pressure that can deliver more gas. Another technique that can bring more gas into a neighborhood is to connect another nearby gas main to the end of an existing gas main extension so that gas flows in from two directions. In other cases, natural gas supply can be reinforced by adding new supply sources.

To learn more about infrastructure projects in your area visit, www.ugi.com/construction