Community Infrastructure Projects

UGI is committed to building the safest most reliable gas system so that we can continue to provide the energy that our customers will depend on for many decades to come.

We’re making progress. UGI Utilities is conducting an infrastructure improvement initiative aimed at replacing all facilities on its system made of cast iron and bare steel with contemporary materials. UGI will invest approximately $1.2 billion over the course of this initiative.

We understand construction can be a disruption when it’s going on in your neighborhood. That is why we created this website to keep our customers and the community informed about gas pipeline safety, our infrastructure projects and share safety resources.

This website is your resource. It’s the place to go to learn more about everything from the latest updates on infrastructure projects to meter relocation and construction information. Get answers to questions about why flaggers are on your street, how long the street will be dug up and the purpose of the paint markings and flags on your neighbor’s property.

Our infrastructure improvement projects are part of UGI’s commitment to safely deliver energy to our customers and our communities.

  • UGI Utilities will spend more than $70 million in 2014 to replace natural gas mains and complete a variety of system enhancement projects
  • Get the latest project updates