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Natural Gas Meter Relocation and Placement

Understand Meter Placement and Relocation

As part of the Company’s infrastructure improvement initiative, UGI replaces service lines that connect the restored mains with the customer’s natural gas meter.

Some UGI customers have meters located inside their homes or businesses. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has established regulations (52 Pa. Code §59.18) designed to enhance gas safety by requiring “meters and regulators must be located outside and above ground.” However, the PUC’s rules permit gas utilities to consider not relocating a gas meter to an outside location under certain conditions.

There are real customer benefits associated with relocation of meters from positions inside a home or business to an outside location. Meter relocation enhances safety, access and customer convenience. Outside meter locations allow UGI to shut off gas more quickly in the event of an emergency. In addition, UGI is required to periodically inspect and service customer meters and out meter locations allow UGI to conduct routine service/inspection activity without inconveniencing customers.

If you received notification that your meter will be moved from a position inside your home or business to an outside location, and you’d like UGI to reconsider the decision to relocate your meter, you may submit a meter relocation reconsideration request by providing the requested information on our online form.

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