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Environmental Responsibility and a Green Future

Hands holding a gas flame with plant growing out of itEnvironmental responsibility is a core part of our business at UGI – from greening our facilities and operations to exploring new greener technologies like natural gas vehicles.  We are committed to helping you, our customers, conserve resources by providing you with energy saving tips and forging partnerships for accomplishing environmentally-friendly projects.

As a distributor of energy-related products and services, UGI is constantly seeking ways to protect and preserve our environment, ensuring a better quality of life for employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities we serve.

Environmental responsibility is a core part of UGI’s business. We make investments to green our fleet and facilities including office consolidation, energy efficient light bulbs, energy audits and HVAC automation. UGI partners with customers to implement applications that use cleaner energy and reduce emissions. Our business practices also work for a sustainable future through paperless paystubs and timesheets, electronic authorizations and reporting, video conferencing and recycling.

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