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Understanding Your UGI Electric Bill


  1. Your Customer Number – Please have this number ready when you contact us about your account.
  2. How to Contact UGI – If you have questions regarding your bill or service, use the phone number and mailing address on your bill.
  3. Next Scheduled Reading – This is the scheduled date of your next UGI meter reading.
  4. Meter Reading – Shows the meter reading for the current billing period and amount of energy used; natural gas is shown in CCFs (1 CCF = 100 cubic feet of gas) and electric in kWh.
  5. Price to Compare – Thisis your current Price to Compare when shopping for an alternate energy supplier.
  6. Messages – This section highlights your important messages from UGI regarding programs you may participate in, such as budget billing and the “GET Gas” program.
  7. Due Date/Amount Due – Reflects the amount currently owed to UGI and the date your payment is due.

Understanding Your UGI “Unbundled” Electric Bill

The fees on your Electric bill are presented in more detail than ever. This is due to the ‘unbundling’ of the combined services involved with delivering electric service as part of the Electric Choice program.

That means the various charges related to your electric service, including generation supply, are listed separately on your bill. This occurs regardless of whether or not you choose a new supplier.

faq-iconLearn more about your “unbundled” electric bill
If you choose an alternate generation supplier, you may have a choice of receiving one or two bills.

In most cases, you will be able to receive a single monthly bill from UGI. This bill includes the charges from your new generation supplier. However, some suppliers may want to bill you separately for your electric generation and transmission charges. In this case, you would receive two electric bills each month.

Your alternate generation supplier’s name will appear on your electric bill.

If you have selected a new supplier, the name, address and telephone number of UGI and your new supplier will be provided on your bill.

Here are some of the charges you see on your unbundled electric bill:
  • Generation charge. For producing electricity. If you select a new supplier, this charge is not regulated by the Public Utility Commission and will depend on the contract between you and your supplier.
  • Transmission charge. For transporting electricity from the source of supply to UGI’s local distribution network. For electric customers who select a new supplier, transmission costs should be included in the charges from your new supplier. Be sure to find out if the supplier’s price per kilowatt hour (kWh) includes transmission costs.
  • Distribution charge. For delivering electricity from the electric distribution company to your home or business.
  • Customer Charge. Basic service charges to partially cover costs for billing, meter reading, equipment, and service line maintenance.
  • Alternative Energy Cost Charge. Charge for alternative energy UGI must purchase under Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act. All sellers of electricity must purchase certain percentages of alternative energy. If you select a new supplier, this would be included in the charges from your new supplier.
Your price to compare appears on every electric bill.

This is the price to compare with other companies selling electric generation. Your price to compare includes generation, transmission, alternative energy and applicable state tax adjustment charges. Dividing the sum of these monthly charges by the monthly kWh usage will equal your price to compare.

Contact us with questions about your electric service or UGI electric bill at (800) 276-2722.