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Frequently Asked Questions

faq-iconCan I pay my bill online?

It is very easy to view and pay your bill online. You can choose to set up a profile for online payments (requires a savings or checking account) or make a one-time payment online. One-time payments require a fee of $3.95 charged by a third party vendor.

If you choose to create a profile, you will receive emails that your monthly UGI bill is available electronically. You will not receive any more paper bills. Visit Online Bill Pay website.

faq-iconWhy can’t I see my bill online?

If you have enrolled and created a profile but cannot see your bill, you may need to upgrade to a higher version of Adobe Reader. You may also need to update your Internet browser or security settings in order to view your eBill. If you are still having difficulty viewing your bill, please contact UGI at (800) 276-2722. UGI Central Penn Gas customers should call (800) 652-0550.

faq-iconHow do I create an online profile for bill payments?

Click here to sign up for online billing. If you are not currently enrolled in online billing, click on the link for “New User? Register Here.” After you create your profile, you will Log In as an existing user when you need to view and pay your bill.

faq-iconAre there automated payment options to pay my bill?

If you are not enrolled in online billing (eBill) and need to review payment plan options, please call us.

If you have a profile to pay your bills online (eBill), you qualify for Recurring Payments. There are a few different payment plan options that you can choose from to decide what is best for you.

  • One payment option is to pay a fixed amount on a fixed date. You can place a “ceiling” amount on how much can be withdrawn. For example, amounts up to $200 may be withdrawn on the fixed date.
  • Automatic deduction of the billed amount on a date that you choose, which means no more writing checks or worrying about late payments. It’s “Easy as ABC.” You’ll receive a monthly statement that shows the amount that will be withdrawn from your account. You can cancel automatic deduction at any time. Note: If you have enrolled in automatic deduction on the day your payment is due, you should still make a one-time payment because your enrollment form will need to be processed.
  • You can sign onto the Online Payment Center each month and enter the amount to be paid and choose what date you wish to pay it. You can set up an email reminder to notify you a set number of days before your billing due date.Note: If you set up a Recurring Payment plan, it will not go into effect until the next billing cycle. For example, if you receive your bill on July 1 and set up an online profile and choose Recurring Payments, it will not take effect until your next UGI bill is issued to you (around August 1).

Note: If you need to set up a payment arrangement for your UGI account, please call (800) 276-2722 and speak with one of our customer care representatives.


faq-iconWhat is the Budget Billing Plan?

With the Budget Billing Plan, UGI will estimate your annual energy usage and spread the amount evenly over the budget billing period to calculate the amount you will owe each month. UGI will review your plan every three months to look at actual energy usage and make any necessary adjustments to your payments. This means that in the 12th month you have paid how much you’ve actually used. If there’s a difference between what you paid and the energy used, it will be settled in the 12th month. This may be a good option for customers who want predictability in their bills. It’s also a convenient way to manage your utility bill. The Budget Billing Plan is also flexible and allows customers to pay on the date that works best for them. This service is free of charge, and any active UGI customer is eligible for Budget Billing.

faq-iconCan I set up automatic payments?

Automatic deduction is available – enroll now.

faq-iconDo I have to pay my bill online?

If online payments are not of interest to you, there are other ways to pay your bill:

  • Call UGI at 1-877-503-2956. You will have to provide credit card information ($3.95 fee applies).
  • You can also pay by U.S. mail to the UGI company that provides your energy service. Click here for the mailing addresses.
  • Locate a third party pay site and pay in person. Go to to find a location.
faq-iconCan I still view bill inserts even if I pay online?

Yes, click on this link to view bill inserts for residential and commercial/industrial customers.

faq-iconHow do I update my contact information?

If you need to update information such as your name, address, phone number and other information, please fill out this online form. If you’re enrolled in Online Billing, you’ll need to access your profile to change the information. You will also need to update your information if your credit card expires or you would like to use a different card.

faq-iconHow do I extend my payment date?

Residential customers who are on a fixed income may be eligible for the UGI Due Date Extension Program. If you qualify, you’ll be given additional time to pay your bill without late fees. Click here for information on how to apply.

faq-iconHow can I get help remembering to pay my bill?

Customers who are ill, handicapped, elderly, away for extended periods of time, or frequently forget to pay their bills should consider using the Third Party Notification system. This way, you have an additional contact person who can remind you to pay your bill. This person, however, is NOT responsible for paying your bill.

faq-iconWhy is my bill higher than normal?

There are several reasons why your bill could be higher than usual. Did your energy usage increase during the billing period? Is your bill based on an actual meter reading, or is it estimated? It helps to have the prior year’s bill to compare with the current month’s bill. Read more: Understanding Your Electric Bill or Understanding Your Natural Gas Bill

faq-iconHow can I save money in the future?
View energy conservation tips and more with our UGI Save Smart program.
faq-iconIs there assistance for customers who are temporarily unable to pay their utility bill?

UGI understands that certain circumstances arise for customers, resulting in their inability to pay their utility bill. UGI offers a number of customer assistance programs to help people who make a sincere effort to pay their bill. There is information on our Customer Outreach Programs for those who need help paying their bills and getting back on their feet. Click here to learn about UGI’s customer assistance programs. To apply, call 1-800-UGI-WARM or fill out our e-mail contact form to apply for bill payment assistance.

faq-iconHow do I start or stop my service?


  • To start or transfer natural gas service, complete this online form
  • To stop your natural gas service, complete this online form
  • To start or transfer your electric service, complete this online form.
  • To stop your electric service, complete this online form


faq-iconMy UGI bill should be exempt from PA State Tax, why is there a tax amount reflected on the bill?

There is often confusion around the statement on the left column of every UGI and PNG customer bill: Your current UGI charges include state taxes totaling about $0.XX. For customers exempt from PA State Tax, UGI is not applying Pennsylvania State Tax to your bill. The state tax amount displayed on your bill actually represents an approximate amount of money from your bill that goes toward various state taxes paid by UGI. These include Public Utility Realty Tax, Capital Stock Tax and State Corporate Net Income Tax. The state taxes amount is not an additional charge – it is built into your total bill. On a related note, the PA State Tax Surcharge shown on the right column of your bill under “Current Bill Information” allows UGI to track changes to various state taxes listed above.

faq-iconHow do I find the average amount of natural gas I use per day?

The midsection of every customer bill includes a graph that measures the average amount of natural gas your home or business uses per day. The graph tracks usage over the past 13 months to provide you with easy reference as to how much you have used during the year. Further assisting you in measuring your gas usage is a chart, located below the graph, listing your average daily usage. For residential customers, this is measured in CCF, or hundreds of cubic feet; for industrial and commercial customers, it is measured in MCF, or thousands of cubic feet. In addition, the daily temperature for the current billing month is listed against the same month the previous year. UGI calculates the average daily usage for customers by dividing either the CCF or MCF billed by the number of days in the bill cycle. To provide a daily temperature, UGI accumulates hourly temperatures from various locations. At the end of the day, a “gas day” average temperature is calculated for each of the areas by taking the weighted average of 24 hourly temperatures.

faq-iconI am a customer of UGI Gas Service or UGI Penn Natural Gas service. How are my distribution rates computed?

UGI/PNG bills customers for the amount of energy they consumer in cubic feet. We base the amount charged per hundred cubic feet (CCF) on the industry’s common unit measurement of 1,029 British Thermal Units (BTUs) per cubic foot of natural gas. Distribution charge are costs assessed to UGI Gas Division and UGI Penn Natural Gas customers for the delivery of natural gas from the point of where the gas is received to the UGI distribution system and ultimately to be used in your home. UGI distribution rates are measured on a two-tier, or two-step, structure: · For Gas Division customers, the first 50 CCF used is billed at a rate of 33.575 cents ($0.33575) per CCF. Any additional amount used is billed at a rate of 27.127 cents ($0.27127) per CCF. · For UGI PNG customers, the first 80 CCF used is billed at 37.174 cents ($0.37174) per CCF. Any additional amount used is billed at 35.174 cents ($0.35174) per CCF. When your monthly usage reaches the first tier, your unit rate on the distribution charge part of your bill gets lowered. This makes it cheaper than any other fuel to run additional appliances on natural gas, like water heating, ranges, grills and clothes dryers. Your exact usage and distribution charges are listed near the top of your bill under the Current Bill Information section. A description of distribution charges is included on the back of your bill under the Explanation of Terms section.

faq-iconI am a UGI Central Penn Gas Customer. How does UGI measure the amount of natural gas I use?

UGI Central Penn Gas measures the amount of natural gas customers use in cubic feet. We base the amount charged per hundred cubic feet (CCF) on the industry’s common unit of measurement of 1,029 BTUs (British Thermal Units) per cubic foot. A BTU is the standard unit of energy for measuring how much heat is being generated. The actual number of BTUs contained in a cubic foot of natural gas can vary and may be more or less than 1,029 depending on the physical makeup of the gas. The CPG Heat Conversion Factor is a calculation that ensures a customer is billed only for the actual amount of energy consumed. This is reached by multiplying the measured amount of cubic feet of gas by the Heat Conversion Factor to reflect the BTUs actually generated when the gas is burned. UGI CPG tracks the BTU content of its gas supplies and adjusts the Heat Conversion Factor as needed on a monthly basis. The usage listed under CCF Billed in the Meter Information section of your bill is factored to calculate the amount owed, found at the top portion of your bill under the Current Bill Information section.