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Meter Safety & Relocation

Keeping Meters Intact and Accessible
Meter Safety & Relocation

Call UGI at 800-276-2722 immediately from a safe location if you damage your meter or smell natural gas around it.

Keep your meter accessible.

UGI personnel must be able to easily access your meter to perform functions such as meter readings, periodic safety checks and routine maintenance, as well as manage critical tasks in an emergency.

  • Keep meter clear of landscaping that obstructs access or visibility. Trim shrubs and plants regularly.

  • Do not build decking or fencing that blocks access to the meter.

  • Instruct children not to climb on, or play near, a meter. Any extra weight can damage the meter and connecting pipes.

  • Carefully clear ice and snow from the meter and any appliance exhaust vents.

  • Be sure to clean and repair leaky seams in your eaves, gutters and downspouts to prevent rain, melting snow and ice from dripping onto the meter.

  • Never use a snow blower or plow around a meter. Shovel or broom the immediate area carefully by hand.

  • If the snowfall is deep, please clear a safe path to the meter.

  • Do not tamper with your meter, or attempt to service or maintain the meter yourself.

  • Do not obstruct access to the meter. Keep the area surrounding the meter clear of boxes, furniture, shelves, etc. Do not build walls or paneling that obstructs access to the meter.

  • Never hang or lean anything against a meter.

  • Instruct children not to climb on, or play near, a meter.

  • Do not tamper with your meter, or attempt to service or maintain the meter yourself. Contact UGI immediately if you suspect illegal tampering or theft of natural gas service.

Natural Gas Meter Relocation and Placement

Some UGI customers have meters located inside their homes or businesses. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has established regulations (52 Pa. Code §59.18) designed to enhance gas safety by requiring “meters and regulators must be located outside and above ground.” However, the PUC’s rules permit gas utilities to consider not relocating a gas meter to an outside location under certain conditions.

Relocating meters from inside a home or business to an outside location enhances safety, access and customer convenience. Outside meter locations allow UGI to shut off gas more quickly in the event of an emergency and to periodically inspect and service meters without inconveniencing customers.

If you received notification that your meter will be moved from a position inside your home or business to an outside location, and you’d like UGI to reconsider the decision, you may submit a meter relocation reconsideration request below. Individuals who reside in a federally designated historic area can contact UGI to discuss meter location. 

Help Stop Utility Thieves:

UGI is committed to ensuring the safety of our customers and the communities we serve. Theft of any energy puts everyone at risk and can result in personal injury of damage.

“Theft of service” means tampering with or bypassing a meter in order to receive utility service free of charge. When people steal service from a utility, they are stealing from every conscientious customer, because theft of service leads to increased rates and fees.

If you suspect someone is stealing utility service, please call us at 800-276-2772 to report it. All calls are kept strictly confidential.