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Commercial Businesses Can Save Big by Making Switch to Natural Gas

20 Sep 2012

Reading, PA (September 18, 2012) – Businesses located in Berks County and surrounding areas are reducing costs and increasing efficiencies by converting to clean, affordable natural gas.  The decline in natural gas prices, along with the availability of abundant locally-produced supply makes natural gas a very attractive option for businesses, including office buildings, healthcare and assisted living facilities, warehouses, and manufacturing and non-manufacturing facilities looking to save on fuel costs, particularly those making the switch from oil.

The average UGI commercial customer switching from oil to natural gas can expect to save about $12,000 per year in fuel costs. This is based on 7,000 gallons of oil at $2.85 per gallon for a system greater than 10 years old and converting to a new natural gas system.

“In the past year UGI saw more than 170 businesses in the Reading area convert to natural gas,” said Allen Westbrook, Vice President of Marketing, UGI Utilities, Inc. “Natural gas provides clean, consistent heat and lower equipment and operating costs, which can significantly help reduce a business’ bottom line.  Natural gas is truly is an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.”

Business owners can calculate their potential savings by using UGI’s new Business Calculator at www.ugi.com/businesscalculator.

Natural gas’ flexibility of use is unmatched, including processes and applications such as:

  • Food Service: Natural gas fired ranges/cooktops, deep fat fryers, ovens and gas booster water heaters – which heat water to 180 degrees F, the required temperature for proper sanitation and sterilization of tools and dishes – are available. Gas equipment is less expensive to operate than electric. Also, chefs prefer cooking with gas.
    • Heating and Cooling: Several space heating and cooling options are available that can significantly reduce operating costs and energy usage.
  • Water Heating: On average, natural gas fired tank style water heaters are 50% more cost-effective than electric versions, and natural gas tankless style water heaters are 60% more cost-effective.  Both tank and tankless options offer low annual carbon emissions – up to half of emissions associated with use of electric water heaters.
  • Humidity Control systems: Used in a wide variety of applications, from hospitals to museums to food-processing plants, these systems help improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). By providing the proper humidity, businesses and institutions can prevent mold and bacteria from growing on surfaces and provide a properly controlled environment.

To learn more about converting your business to natural gas, contact a conversion specialist at 610-807-3113 or visit www.ugi.com/switchmybusiness.

UGI’s Gas Division is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania and serves approximately 320,000 customers in 15 southeastern Pennsylvania counties, including customers in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Hazleton, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Reading.

Additional information about UGI’s Gas Division is available at www.ugi.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ugiutilities or on Twitter at www.ugi.com/ugi_utilities.