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“Green Energy” Project to Commence

08 Nov 2007

Morgantown, PA – Previously announced in mid-2006, UGI Utilities, Inc. will begin construction in
early November of a nine mile pipeline project which will provide several Lancaster County businesses with landfill methane gas as an alternative, green energy source. Once completed, the pipeline will transport landfill gas from the Conestoga Landfill owned and operated by Allied Waste, located in New Morgan, Berks County to East Earl Township, Lancaster County where it will be put to productive use. The project is modeled after the EPA and Governor Award-winning project at the Lanchester Landfill, located in Chester County.

A ground breaking ceremony will be held with representatives from UGI Utilities, Granger Energy and Allied Waste who will be available to answer questions on the project. Details are as follows: Date: November 13, 2007
Time: 9:00 AM
Location: East Earl Township (just east of Blue Ball) – ½ mile north of the intersection of Fetterville   Road and Ligalaw Road on Fetterville Road

Landfill gas is generated during the natural decomposition of solid waste. Currently, approximately 7,500 cubic feet per minute of gas is being flared at the Conestoga Landfill. The gas, which is largely comprised of methane, is a viable source of renewable energy and can be put to productive use by large industrial customers. As the decomposition of waste continues within the landfill, greater quantities of gas become available allowing for increased energy production. Granger Energy of Morgantown, LLC currently has specific plans to develop a project that will allow this valuable resource to be transported and utilized by numerous area industries, reducing the area’s dependency on traditional fuels.

Granger, UGI Utilities and Allied Waste have come together on this innovative project. Granger, an industry leader in the field of alternative energy resources, will be developing the gas production, processing, and utilization portions of the project. UGI, a local natural gas utility with over 125 years of experience in delivering energy to Pennsylvania households and businesses, will manage the construction of the pipeline portion of the project and will provide on-going transportation services for landfill gas derived from the Conestoga Landfill. Allied Waste, the second largest waste company in the United States provides service to over 8 million customers. Allied has 52 landfill gas to energy projects currently in operation will be supplying the landfill gas making this project possible. UGI will also continue to be the provider of back-up natural gas service to ensure a reliable and safe supply of energy and to maintain continuous operation to the users of the renewable energy. “This unique partnership demonstrates UGI’s commitment to the community in which we serve and to the development of creative energy solutions,” stated Peter Terranova, Vice President of Operations for UGI. “We are proud to work with Granger on this project.”

There are many environmental benefits associated with the direct-utilization project including the
conservation of traditional natural resources such as oil. “After the pipeline begins transporting
landfill gas, the energy equivalent of approximately 100,000 barrels of oil will be conserved each
year,” shared Joel Zylstra, Chief Operating Officer of Granger Energy. Using landfill gas as an
alternative for energy reduces the reliance on fossil fuels. The utilization of landfill gas as a renewable source of energy will result in the environmental equivalent of removing over 8,000
vehicles off the road.

The project will also provide a significant economic boost to the local area through the creation of a lower cost energy source, providing a competitive advantage for industries in the area. This will help ensure local jobs and provide incentives for industries to consider siting new facilities in the area. The direct spending during construction will also provide local economic stimulus to the community with locally-purchased materials (estimated to be millions of dollars) and the employment of local contractors.

Based in Lansing, Michigan, Granger was founded in 1959 as a commercial construction company and has evolved into a comprehensive waste management and renewable energy organization. Granger has been a landfill owner and operator for more than 30 years, and has successfully developed over a dozen landfill gas utilization projects in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Pennsylvania and Utah. Additional information about Granger is available at www.grangernet.com.

UGI Utilities’ headquarters are located in Reading, Pennsylvania. UGI currently delivers natural gas to more than 473,000 customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania. The utility currently operates and maintains over 7,700 miles of pipeline. UGI is an industry leader in the safe operation of its pipelines, recently earning the prestigious American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award. Additional information about UGI is available at www.ugi.com.

Allied Waste is America’s second largest non-hazardous solid waste services company and an environmental leader. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Allied Waste provides waste collection, transfer, recycling and disposal services to millions of residential, commercial and industrial customers in over 100 major markets spanning 37 states and Puerto Rico. Our team of 24,000 dedicated employees operates within a highly efficient, integrated organization that generated approximately $6 billion of revenue in 2006. Additional information about Allied Waste is available at www.alliedwaste.com and www.disposal.com.

For more information, contact Granger at (517) 372-2800, UGI at (610) 736-5508 or Allied Waste at (480) 627-2700.