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UPDATE UGI Electric Crews Make Progress in Restoring Service to Customers Affected by Storm

UGI Electric crews have restored service to all but 600 customers who lost power because of the storm that brought high winds and snow to the area. Crews worked throughout the day addressing nearly 130 separate incidents that caused the outages.

UPDATE UGI Electric Crews Working to Restore Customers Affected by Storm

UGI Electric crews are working to restore approximately 1,600 customers who lost power because of the storm that brought high winds and snow to the area. Moderating winds allowed UGI restoration crews to re-start work at 6 a.m. this morning.

UPDATE UGI Electric Crews Suspend Restoration Due to High Winds

UGI Electric crews have worked throughout the day and into the evening to restore power to residents affected by the storm that has brought high winds and snow to the area. Currently, approximately 1,600 customers remain without power. As of this

UGI Electric Working to Restore Service to Customers Affected by Storm

UGI Electric crews are working to restore power to approximately 2,200 customers who lost power due high winds and snow that affected the area Friday. While UGI crews are working to restore power, continuing high winds are expected to impact

UGI Announces Northumberland Borough Infrastructure Project

UGI Utilities, Inc. will begin a natural gas main replacement project in the borough of  Northumberland beginning Monday, March 5. This project is part of the Company’s  multi-year infrastructure betterment initiative and is being completed ahead of a  scheduled paving

UGI Urges Residents to Remain Vigilant for Signs of Carbon Monoxide Build-Up

Reading, PA – Turning up thermostats and closing buildings tightly during the winter months helps keep living spaces warm, but also can lead to a higher risk of carbon monoxide (CO) build-up in homes and businesses with malfunctioning appliances. UGI

UGI Employees Support Neighborhood Fire Safety and Education

UGI employee volunteers worked hand-in-hand with community volunteers, local fire companies and the American Red Cross throughout January performing activities associated with the Home Fire – Sound the Alarm program. Seventeen UGI employees helped install nearly 360 smoke alarms and

UGI Urges Customers to be Aware of Utility Imposters and Phone Scams

UGI Utilities reminds customers to protect themselves and their property against individuals who may be posing as UGI employees in person, on the phone, or through email. UGI wants customers to feel secure when a credentialed company representative visits their

UGI Electric Division Files Base Rate Increase Request

Reading, PA – UGI Electric Division (UGI Electric) today filed a request with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) to increase its base rates for electric distribution service to customers by $9.2 million annually. The base rate increase would, in

UGI Begins Restoration Efforts in Fairview Area

UGI has resolved all equipment issues that impacted natural gas service in the Fairview section of Allentown. UGI personnel are currently in the Fairview neighborhood going door-to-door to turn-on service and re-light appliances UGI reminds customers that under no circumstances