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Statement: UGI Utilities Continues Efforts to Resolve Issues with Natural Gas Main Located on Commonwealth Avenue in Harrisburg

02 Jan 2013

UGI Utilities will work throughout the evening of Wednesday, January 2, 2013 to resolve issues associated with a leak on a 16-inch natural gas main located on Commonwealth Avenue in Harrisburg, PA.   Final resolution of the leak will take a significant amount of time, due in part to the fact that the affected main is located adjacent to a number of electric, water, sewer, district steam heat, and phone-line underground facilities.  Safe excavation around these live underground facilities could not start until all facilities were located.

To fully resolve the situation, UGI will seal off the affected 16-inch low pressure main, purge all natural gas from the affected segment of the main, and retire the pipe.  While purging the main, individuals in the area could hear a hissing sound, and might detect the smell of mercaptan, the odorant added to natural gas that makes it smell like ‘rotten eggs’.

Individuals who live and work in and around this area should be aware that the utility work will potentially impact traffic on Commonwealth Avenue, and access to nearby parking garages.  UGI regrets any inconvenience, but is proceeding on this matter with an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of all those involved.

Additional information about UGI’s Gas Division is available at ugi.com.