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UGI Accelerates Restoration Efforts in Milford Area

27 Jan 2022

UGI personnel are currently in the Borough of Milford, Milford Township, Westfall Township, and the Borough of Matamoros, restoring natural gas service to 1,400 customers.

More than 80 UGI employees will go door-to-door to turn-on service and re light appliances. UGI will restore as many customers as possible tonight and will complete service restoration to any remaining affected customers on Friday.

UGI reminds customers that under no circumstances should they attempt to turn on their own natural gas service.

It is critical for customers to have an individual on the property to allow UGI staff entry to restore gas service. If UGI cannot gain access to the residence, a notice will be left at the door providing instructions for UGI to return to restore gas service.

Customers who cannot allow UGI access should communicate special access instructions to UGI. Please call UGI’s Contact Center at 1-800-276-2722.

UGI employees are required to carry photo ID cards. The identification badge displays the UGI logo, along with the employee’s photo and other information.

Customers are encouraged to ask to see proper identification before allowing anyone to enter your home.

Customers are reminded that if they smell gas they should immediately leave the building and call UGI at 1-800-276-2722 from a safe location.

The Borough of Milford has identified a number of warming centers that will remain open overnight for affected customers. All locations will have water and other drinks available and some will have food. They include:
• Matamoras Fire Department, 506 Avenue Q, Matamoras;
• Sunshine Station, 476 US-6, Milford Township;
• Milford Bible Church, 110 Foxcroft Avenue, Dingman Township;
• Tom Quick Inn, 411 Broad St, Milford Borough.

UGI thanks the Milford Borough Council for their assistance during this outage.

UGI apologizes for the inconvenience this natural gas service outage has caused its customers in the Milford area, and thanks customers for their continuing patience and understanding.

UGI will continue to provide updates on progress of the restoration effort. Customers can also call UGI at 1-800-276-2722 for additional information regarding restoration of natural gas service to their property.