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UGI Begins Restoring Service / Relighting Appliances for Customers in Coplay Area

23 Jan 2013

UGI is beginning the final step of the restoration process for customers in the Coplay and Whitehall areas of Lehigh County impacted by a natural gas service outage.

Earlier today, UGI completed repairs to the regulator station that caused the outage.  UGI is nearing completion of the effort to turn-off natural gas service at each customer’s home affected by the outage, a necessary step in re-pressurizing its system.  Beginning shortly and continuing throughout the evening, UGI will make phone calls to customers regarding restoring natural gas service to their property, and re-lighting appliances.

UGI reminds customers that under no circumstances should they attempt to turn their natural gas service back on their own.

Customers receiving calls will see UGI staff in their neighborhood.  The UGI staff will re-start gas service and re-light appliances at customer homes.  Customers receiving calls are asked to return home, or remain home, to allow UGI staff to access to the property.

Customers who have not provided a phone number to UGI, or who cannot be home and need to communicate special access instructions to UGI, are asked to call UGI’s Contact Center at 1-800-276-2722 or visit the UGI Customer Information Center located at the Coplay Municipal Building at 98 South 4th Street.  UGI personnel at the Customer Information Center will provide information and assistance to affected customers. UGI will staff the Customer Information Center through mid-day Thursday.

Customers are reminded that if they smell gas they should immediately leave the building and call UGI at 1-800-276-2722 from a safe location.

UGI is sorry for any inconvenience caused by this outage, and thanks all affected customers for their patience and understanding.