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UGI Central Penn Gas Files to Provide Tax Relief Credit to Customers

15 Jun 2018

Gas Cost Reductions, Tax Relief Credit Reduce Customer Bills

Residential heating customers of UGI Central Penn Gas (UGI) will see their monthly bills decrease by an average of $4.50 beginning July 1 due to a tax relief credit, based on a filing UGI made with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission today.

This decrease comes on top of a previously announced 2.4 percent cut based on lower purchased gas costs effective June 1.

The average residential heating customer bill will decrease from $90.34 to $85.84 on July 1.

In addition, UGI has projected an additional 3.7 percent decrease effective December 1 based on lower purchased gas costs.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission directed utility companies to provide a credit to customers based on the decrease in federal corporate tax rates and other tax changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

“UGI is pleased to be able to pass on these benefits associated with the Tax Cut and Jobs Act to our customers and we thank the Public Utility Commission for their support,” Paul Szykman, UGI Chief Regulatory Officer, said. “The credit provides additional savings to customers on their energy bills. Combined with the competitive price of economical, locally-produced natural gas, Pennsylvania homes and businesses continue to receive a clear benefit.”

UGI is providing a 8.19 percent credit on the base rate portion of the bill, which is typically comprised of the customer charge and distribution charge of a customer’s bill.

UGI makes no profit on the purchased gas cost portion of the bill. UGI Central Penn Gas serves approximately 83,000 customers in 37 counties across Pennsylvania. Additional information about UGI Central Penn Gas is available at www.ugi.com.