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UGI Continuing to Address Customer Outage in Milford Area – UPDATE

27 Jan 2022

Approximately 1,400 customers in the Borough of Milford, Milford Township, Westfall Township, and the Borough of Matamoros have experienced a disruption in their natural gas service.

UGI is working as quickly as possible to resolve this situation and restore service. UGI has mobilized resources from across the state to assist in this effort and plans to begin restoring service to customers sometime this afternoon. The restoration effort is expected to continue into the evening and potentially into Friday.

The process of restoring service to customers is time-consuming. UGI must turn off natural gas service at each individual home. In cases where there is an outdoor meter or service valve, UGI will shut off natural gas at that point. If UGI needs to enter a home to shut off natural gas and the homeowner is not present, UGI personnel are being assisted by emergency personnel.

A warming station has been established at the Delaware Valley Elementary School at 500 Avenue S, Matamoras, Pennsylvania 18336

In addition, the Area Agency on Aging Senior Centers have established warming stations for all ages at the following locations:

  • Blooming Grove Center, 150 Pike County Boulevard, in Lords Valley. Until 4:00 p.m.
  • Lackawaxen-Shohola Center, Lackawaxen Fire Department, Beisel Beck Road & Route 590, in Lackawaxen, until 3:00 p.m.

UGI extends its appreciation to the Delaware Valley School District and the Area Agency on Aging for its assistance.

When natural gas service is restored, UGI will need to enter all affected homes to turn on natural gas service and re-light appliances.  Under no circumstances should customers attempt to turn on their natural gas service. Customers need to be aware that someone must be home for UGI to restore natural gas service to their residence.

During this outage, UGI urges customers to use caution when using a supplemental heat source. Do not use an open oven or grill inside your home to provide heat. Use caution when using unvented space heaters, which can be a source of carbon monoxide. Always follow manufacturer’s directions regarding the use of these heaters. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation in areas where a space heater is used.  Do not use unvented heaters in bedrooms, bathrooms, or confined spaces.

UGI will continue to provide updates on progress of the restoration effort. Customers can also call UGI at  1-800-276-2722 for additional information regarding restoration of natural gas service to their property.