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UGI Encourages Eligible Customers to Apply for Weatherization Assistance

09 Jan 2023

The recent record cold temperatures around the holidays highlighted the need for energy-efficient homes that help keep residents warm and comfortable while providing for manageable utility bills.

To assist in that goal, UGI encourages eligible customers to apply for the Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP), a free weatherization program that provides energy saving improvements to help reduce utility bills and energy usage.

Qualifying UGI natural gas and electric customers may receive the following conservation measures as part of the LIURP program:

  • Ceiling, flooring, duct, and hot water insulation;
  • Air sealing;
  • Heating system repairs;
  • Furnace cleaning, tuning, and a safety inspection;
  • Door and window caulking and weather stripping;
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke alarm installation;

In 2022, UGI provided nearly $4 million to complete weatherization improvements to approximately 550 households in its service area.

There is no cost to qualifying customers to participate in LIURP. Weatherization services will help homeowners reduce energy bills, make the home more comfortable, provide a safer living environment, and provide a warmer home during the heating season and a cooler home in the summer.

LIURP participants must meet the following qualifications:

  • An active UGI residential gas heating or electric account;
  • Twelve consecutive UGI billing periods;
  • Higher than average natural gas or electric usage over the past 12 months;
  • Gross annual income within 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level for UGI Gas customers and within 150 percent of the Federal Poverty Level for UGI Electric customers. For example, the income of a family of four with UGI natural gas service could not exceed $55,500.
  • If the customer is renting, written permission from the landlord is required to proceed.

If a customer is approved for LIURP, a local community-based organization will work with a certified contractor to perform an in-home energy usage evaluation and determine the appropriate energy efficiency measures. Residents will receive these improvements and be provided education on energy conservation.

More information about LIURP and other UGI customer assistance programs is available at

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