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UGI Experiencing Customer Outage in Coplay Area

23 Jan 2013

Information Center For Affected Customers Opened at Borough Municipal Building

UGI has commenced efforts to address the disruption of natural gas service to approximately 1,000 customers in the Borough of Coplay and a small section of Whitehall Township.

The approximate areas affected by this outage include the Borough of Coplay in the area from the Lehigh River west to Ruch Street and Hokendauqua Street North to the area of Maple Street.  In Whitehall Township, the outage affects the 3000 to 3400 block of North Second Street, the 3100 block of South Front Street through the 3400 block of North Front Street and from Ruch Street west to South 5th Avenue and Chestnut Street North to E. Columbia Street.

At this time, the issue with the regulator station has been resolved.  However, the process of restoring service to customers is time-consuming.  It is likely that service restoration will not be completed until sometime Thursday morning.

UGI has set up a customer information center for affected residents in the Coplay Municipal Building, located at 98 South 4th Street. UGI personnel will staff the information center beginning at 6:00 p.m. today and will man the customer information center through the conclusion of the outage.  UGI staff at the Coplay Municipal Building will provide assistance to affected residents with temporary overnight lodging, and information regarding continuing service restoration efforts.

To fully restore gas service to affected customers’ homes, UGI needs to turn off natural gas service at each individual home. In cases where there is an outdoor meter or service valve, UGI will shut off natural gas at that point. If UGI needs to enter a home to shut off natural gas and the homeowner is not present, UGI personnel are being assisted by fire, police and other emergency personnel.

Natural gas service shut-offs are not expected to be completed until this evening, and only after this can UGI begin the restoration process. When natural gas service is restored, UGI will need to enter all homes affected to turn on natural gas service and re-light appliances.  Under no circumstances should a customer attempt to turn their natural gas service back on their own.

Customers need to be aware that someone must be home for UGI to restore natural gas service to their residence. UGI will collect contact information at the information center at the Copley Municipal Building to coordinate the service restoration process with customers.

Customers with questions about this information can call UGI at 1-800-276-2722.