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UGI Experiencing Intermittent Loss of 800 Phone Service – Alternate Emergency Call Number Provided

29 Sep 2017

Due to a provider issue, UGI is experiencing intermittent loss of its 800 phone service.

Because of this issue, customers of UGI Gas Division, UGI Penn Natural Gas, UGI Central Penn Gas and UGI Electric Division may have difficulty reaching UGI on its (800) 276-2722 phone number.

If you are unable to reach UGI on the 800 phone number, please contact the Company at:


If you smell gas in your home or business, or if you are experiencing an electric outage in UGI’s electric service territory and you are having difficulty reaching UGI, please contact your local 911 emergency center.

Customers and individuals who smell an odor of gas should leave the building and call UGI or 911 from an outside phone. If you have a downed electric power line, avoid the area and contact UGI.Customers are urged to contact UGI at a later time for any non-emergency phone calls. We apologize for any inconvenience.