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UGI Supports Utility Industry Initiative Drawing Awareness to Scams

15 Nov 2016

Reading, PA – The inaugural “Utilities United Against Scams,” held from November 14-18, 2016, is a nationwide campaign aimed at promoting awareness of the increasing number of scamming incidents targeting utility customers. The third Wednesday in November every year will be designated as “Utilities United Against Scams Day.”

During this campaign, UGI reminds customers to protect themselves and their property against individuals who may be posing as UGI employees either in person, on the phone or through email.

UGI wants customers to feel secure when a company representative visits their home or business to perform utility services. To help prevent imposters from gaining access to customers’ homes, UGI urges customers to keep the following safety information in mind:

  • UGI does not do meter reading or unannounced routine maintenance work late in the evening. UGI does perform customer-requested work by appointment and legitimate gas emergency work as appropriate.
  • Meter reading is performed on a scheduled date, as noted on your monthly bill, typically within the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Legitimate UGI meter readers, inspectors, collectors and service representatives routinely wear blue uniforms with a UGI logo, and drive company-marked, numbered vehicles.
  • UGI employees and approved company contractors carry special ID cards. Ask to see proper identification before allowing anyone claiming to be from UGI entrance to your home. Customers are encouraged to closely inspect the identification provided by the worker. UGI Utilities’ identification badge displays the UGI logo, along with the employee’s photo. If you are suspicious about a person’s ID or activities, do not allow that person into your home and call UGI immediately at 800-276-2722 so that we can verify the visit.

In addition, UGI customers have periodically received phone calls or emails stating they owe money for their energy bills and that non-payment will result in having their service shut off later that day. The caller then instructs the customer to purchase and send a money order or pre-paid cash card to avoid shut-off.

These phone calls or emails are scams and are not generated by UGI or an agent of the company. UGI does not follow this procedure when a customer is not current on their account. Most of these scam calls and emails have been received by residential or commercial customers who are current on their account. UGI advises all of its natural gas and electric residential and commercial customers not to provide information in response to calls or emails of this nature, and to contact UGI at 800.276.2722.

UGI Utilities has headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania and serves 680,000 customers in 45 Pennsylvania counties and one county in Maryland.