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UGI to Increase Natural Gas Costs on September 1, 2021

31 Aug 2021

UGI Utilities, Inc. announced its purchased gas cost rates will increase on September 1, 2021. As a result, the average residential heating customer’s bill will rise by 6.1 percent, increasing from $82.39 per month to $87.42 per month.

“UGI recognizes the impact energy prices have on our customers,” Chris Brown, UGI Vice President and General Manager of Rates and Supply, said. “Despite this increase, natural gas remains an excellent energy choice, backed by local, reliable shale gas supplies. UGI continues to work closely with our suppliers to ensure our customers continue to receive strong value in choosing natural gas.”

By law, utilities are required to pass the cost of the natural gas they purchase directly through to customers without any markup.

UGI recognizes some customers may have difficulty paying their heating bill. The Company offers budget billing, as well as multiple free payment options to customers who enroll in UGI’s online bill payment program, or the auto-deduction program to assist customers in managing bill payments.

In addition, customers with a limited or fixed income should call UGI at 1-800-UGI-WARM to determine if they are eligible for one of a number of energy assistance programs.  In addition to company-sponsored programs, UGI can assist eligible customers in applying for federally-funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grants.

UGI encourages customers to use energy wisely and make efficiency improvements in their homes.  Additional information on energy efficiency and customer assistance programs is available on UGI’s website at

UGI Utilities, Inc. is based in Denver, Pennsylvania and serves more than 670,000 natural gas customers in 45 counties in Pennsylvania. Additional information about UGI is available at on Facebook at; and Twitter at