UGI Urges Motorists to Use Caution When Driving Through Construction Zones
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UGI Urges Motorists to Use Caution When Driving Through Construction Zones

11 Jun 2020

As Pennsylvania re-opens from the COVID-19 quarantine, roads across the state are becoming busier with traffic. UGI reminds all motorists to pay special attention and drive carefully though roadway construction zones.

Careless driving and speeding through construction zones can cause property damage, injury, and death. Drivers should consider these tips when approaching an active construction zone:

  • Know the work zone signs. Orange warning signs are there to help you and other drivers move safely through roadway construction zones.
  • Obey flaggers. Flaggers are trained to move traffic safely through work zones. Pay attention to their direction.
  • Obey posted speed limits.  Speeding through work zones is a major cause of accidents and injuries. Take note of reduced speed limits and slow down.
  • Be aware of other drivers and objects. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment, and workers. Watch out for sudden stops, merging traffic and other work zone dangers.
  • Stay focused and avoid distractions. Do not use cell phones or text while driving. Turn down radios if in use and avoid eating and other activities which may take your focus from the road.
  • Expect the unexpected.  Stay alert for lane or road surface changes, possible mobile work zones, and erratic driver behavior.
  • Please be patient.  Work zones are necessary to improve infrastructure and to meet community needs. This temporary inconvenience leads to long-term safe and reliable service.

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