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UGI Utilities Announces 2019 Infrastructure Replacement and Betterment Projects

16 Apr 2019

READING, PA – UGI Utilities will spend more than $187.5 million in fiscal year 2019 to replace natural gas mains and complete a number of system enhancement projects.

“UGI remains committed to enhancing the safety and reliability of our infrastructure,” Hans Bell, UGI Chief Operating Officer, said. “These infrastructure projects ensure our system provides safe and reliable service for UGI customers and for the many communities we serve.”

Approximately 64 miles of cast iron and bare steel mains are targeted for replacement in UGI’s current fiscal year plan. The new mains will be constructed of contemporary materials such as high-density plastic or protected steel. These infrastructure replacement projects are complemented by a number of UGI capital projects such as pressure reinforcements to improve system reliability, service line and meter replacements, and regulator station improvements.

UGI’s infrastructure replacement plan prioritizes projects based on a variety of factors. Since 2011, UGI has retired more than 450 miles of non-contemporary pipelines.

UGI will provide advance notification regarding construction schedules to residents of the communities where these projects will occur. As part of the construction projects, UGI will replace service lines to customer homes as needed as part of the natural gas main betterment initiative. When replacing service lines, UGI personnel will need to gain access to customer residences.

UGI reminds residents in affected communities that projects may cause temporary parking restrictions and traffic congestion. UGI works collaboratively with municipal officials to minimize traffic and parking issues associated with these projects and to provide specific detour and lane restriction information to local residents and commuters traveling through project work zones. Construction projects typically take place between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted.

UGI’s infrastructure replacement and betterment projects also provide an opportunity for homes and businesses within the project areas to convert to natural gas. UGI encourages customers along project routes to contact the company at 800-276-2722 if they are interested in converting to natural gas during construction.

Listed below are key infrastructure projects that will replace at least one-quarter mile of non-contemporary natural gas mains. The listed projects are either scheduled for completion in fiscal year 2019 or are already under construction. The project list is subject to change based on a number of factors including, but not limited to inclement weather and municipal roadwork schedules.

In addition to the projects listed in this release, UGI has already completed approximately 29 projects, each of more than one-quarter mile in length, in fiscal year 2019, which began on October 1, 2018. A number of projects covering shorter distances have also been completed or have commenced and will continue throughout the year.

Customers and community residents interested in additional information can view a complete list of scheduled infrastructure projects, along with their status, on UGI’s website at This site is regularly updated. The site also includes a list of projects that have been completed in the past six months.

 UGI Central District

Chapman Township

Little Italy Road

Coudersport Borough

Park Avenue

Deerfield Township

Merrick Hill Road

Delmar Township

Canyon Road

Airport Road

Eldred Township (McKean County)

Route 446

Farmington Township (Clarion County)

Lencer Drive

Jackson Township (Tioga County)

Township Drive

Liberty Township (McKean County)

Upper Portage Road

Norwich Township

West Valley Road

Roulette Township

Railroad Avenue

Rutland Township

Bailey Creek Road

Stroudsburg Borough

1200 block of West Main Street

South Creek Township

Route 14

Washington Township (Clarion County)

Marble Strobleton Road

Westfield Borough

Maple Street

UGI North District

Berwick Borough

300-900 blocks of Mulberry Avenue

Duryea Borough

Donnelly Street

Edwardsville Borough

Roosevelt Street

Kingston Borough

Schuyler Avenue

Milford Borough

100 block of 9th Street

600 block of 6th Street

Milford Township

300 block of Water Street

Milton Borough

Montour Street

City of Scranton

200-400 blocks of Penn Avenue

400-700 blocks of Vine Street

800-1300 blocks of Ash Street

City of Williamsport

1000-1300 blocks of Isabella Street

700-1000 blocks of Memorial Avenue

600-900 blocks of Park Avenue

700-800 blocks of Glenwood Avenue

UGI South District

Greater Reading Area

City of Reading

500-1200 blocks of North 5th Street

Greater Lehigh Valley

City of Allentown

900-1100 blocks of East Cedar Street

800-900 blocks of Sherman Street

600-700 blocks of Filmore Street

900-1100 blocks of Sycamore Street

0-100 blocks of Cedarbrook Road

600-800 blocks of North Irving Street

City of Bethlehem

600 blocks of East 3rd Street

500 and 800 blocks of Linden Street

500 block of South Bergen Street

700 block of Delwood Street

1400 block of West North Street

1800-1900 blocks of Kenmore Avenue

500 block of 13th Avenue

Catasauqua Borough

100-300 blocks of Pine Street

Coopersburg Borough

Main Street

City of Easton

500-800 blocks of Packer Street

400-800 blocks of Centre Street

City of Hazleton

0-200 blocks of Pine Street

200-500 blocks of Spruce Street

North Catasauqua Borough

1000-1200 blocks of 2nd Street

200-400 blocks of Arch Street

South Whitehall Township

1200 block of North 19th Street

Wilson Borough

1500-1900 blocks of Lehigh Street

Central Pennsylvania

Columbia Borough

800 block of Walnut Street

1000 block of Locust Street

City of Harrisburg

900-2800 blocks of 2nd Street (project will extend into fiscal year 2020)

200 block of Peffer Street

2400 block of North Front Street

200 block of Kelker Street

1300 block of Derry Street

City of Lancaster

0-400 blocks of North Prince Street (project will extend into fiscal year 2020)

200-600 blocks of South Prince Street (project will extend into fiscal year 2020)

600 block of State Street

1100 block of West Clay Street

Lancaster Township

100 block of Nassau Road

Palmyra Borough

600 block of Hazel Street

UGI Utilities has headquarters in Denver, Pennsylvania and serves more than 700,000 customers in 45 Pennsylvania counties and one county in Maryland. Customers interested in additional information visit the UGI website at; on Facebook at; Twitter at