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UPDATE – UGI Electric Power Outage

05 Sep 2011

Reading, PA (September 5, 2011) –  Heavy storms moving through the UGI Electric Service territory Sunday caused additional damage to the Company’s electric system and impacted restoration efforts.  Nevertheless, UGI was able to continue to make progress restoring electric power to its customers.

Approximately 280 customers remain without service from the original 32,000 customers who lost power due to Hurricane Irene.

Today, September 5, 2011, restoration teams will focus resources primarily in the following locations:

Pleasant Valley, Fairmont Township
Huntington Creek Road, Fairmont Township
Old State Road, Ross Township
Lamoreaux, Ross Township
North Mountain, Ross Township
Mooretown Road, Ross Township
Huntsville-Idetown Road, Lehman Township
Route 118 and Slocum Road, Lehman Township
Pine Creek Road, Fairmont Township
Tubbs Hill Road, Huntington Township
Sutton/Bulford Road, Kingston Township
Pioneer Avenue, Kingston Township
Route 309 Kunkle, Dallas Township
Staffer Street, Dallas Township
Machell Ave, Dallas Boro
Second Street, Harvey’s Lake
Pole 204 Harvey’s Lake

UGI offers special bill payment services to customers who have been affected by the extended power outage, including extended payment arrangements.  Customers who may have difficulty paying their utility bill because of loss of work due to the power outage, or who may have an additional financial hardship due to the hurricane should contact UGI at (800) 276-2722.

The safety of our customers and employees is a priority at UGI. We remind customers and community members to always avoid downed power lines and stay away from any electrical equipment that is partially or totally submerged in water. In the event of an electrical emergency, customers are advised to contact UGI Electric immediately.

In addition, if you are aware of elderly people who are out of power and may need immediate assistance please contact UGI or call 911. Customers who are without electric service are  asked to ensure appliances are turned off or unplugged, water faucets and cooking controls are in the off position and other safety precautions have been taken should power be restored while you are not at home.

Customers should also be advised that UGI Utilities – Electric Division is responsible for the meter attached to your home and the service wire leading from the UGI pole to the top of a customer’s weatherhead, the point where electric service enters the residence.  If you have damage to electrical systems that are part of your home or residence, UGI crews are not authorized to repair customer-owned equipment and you may need an electrician. Please call (800)276-2722 for more information.

UGI Electric is a division of UGI Utilities, Inc., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGI Corporation, based in Valley Forge. Additional information about UGI Electric is available at www.ugi.com.