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Commercial Custom Rebate Program

Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills and Increase Comfort in Your Building
Natural Gas Business Rebates > Commercial Custom Rebate Program

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Get up to $100,000 in Rebates

Commercial UGI gas customers, get up to a $100,000 rebate for your cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Email energyupgrades@ugi.com.

What Makes a Project Cost-Effective?

A project is cost-effective when every dollar spent on energy efficiency upgrades, returns more than one dollar, over the lifetime of the upgrade.

For Example:

If an insulation project costs $17,000 and saves $21,000 over the 40-year lifetime of the insulation, the project would be cost-effective. If this same project cost $24,000, it would not be considered cost-effective.

How to Participate:

1. Email energyupgrades@ugi.com with details of your project.
2. A UGI Save Smart team member will determine your projects eligibility.
3. Receive incentive offer from UGI based on audit recommendations.
4. Complete your project and receive a check.

Project Spotlights:

College Steam
Plant Phase Out
A college was using a central steam plant to feed heat to most of its buildings. This was inefficient, costly, and uncomfortable. They replaced the steam plant with high efficiency hot water boilers and added an upgraded controls package. Where steam could not be replaced, they added steam traps to maximize efficiency. Bills reduced and comfort increased.
UGI Rebate = $48,850 | Annual Savings = $47,145
Energy Hog Church
This old church had no insulation in the entire building as well as an inefficient steam boiler with uninsulated pipes. The building also suffered large temperature imbalances. The church insulated the building to R60, added pipe insulation & steam traps to maximize the efficiency of the boiler, and added an upgraded controls package to bring balance to the building.
UGI Rebate = $9,850 | Annual Savings = $8,035
Historic Mansion
Turned Business
This 1923 mansion had two large steam boilers from the 1940s heating the entire home. When the mansion was converted into a business, efficiency and comfort had to be improved. The steam boilers were removed and replaced with smaller, more efficient hot water boilers with an upgraded controls package. Efficiency gained and comfort improved.
UGI Rebate = $15,000 | Annual Savings = $6,730
Multi-Family Building
This large old mansion was converted into a multi-family home years ago. Tenant comfort issues were leading to higher turnover as the winters got colder and summers got hotter. With the help of a UGI subsidized energy audit, a lack of insulation and large air leaks were discovered. The building was fully insulated and air sealed, resulting in greater tenant comfort and less turnover for the landlord.
UGI Rebate = $8,000 | Annual Savings = $600

This program is currently available to existing and new construction UGI gas commercial customers in Pennsylvania with a rate class of N, NT, DS or LFD. UGI gas customers in Maryland are currently not eligible.

Potential Upgrades:
  • Condensing economizer
  • Blowdown heat recovery
  • Efficient boiler
  • Steam traps
  • Cooking equipment
  • Efficient washer
  • Efficient dryer
  • Efficient drying
  • Efficient boiler
  • Efficient boiler
  • Wet-cleaning
  • Pipe insulation
  • Steam traps
  • Efficient boiler
  • Efficient hot water
  • Efficient boiler
  • Efficient DHW
  • Fryers
  • Ovens
  • Griddles
  • Steam cooker
  • Insulate and seal air leaks
  • Efficient boiler
  • Efficient DHW
  • Automation controls
  • Steam traps