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Customer Choice & Natural Gas Transportation

Becoming A Gas Choice Supplier

In Pennsylvania, consumers can choose the company that generates their natural gas, also known as their natural gas supplier. If you are interested in becoming a natural gas supplier, visit our Gas Management website.

From this site, select the appropriate Gas division, then select Supplier Activities and then Choice Supplier Registration Information. Here you'll find all the necessary documentation for becoming a natural gas supplier.

For questions contact David Lahoff at or (610) 796-3520.

Natural Gas Suppliers

Click here to find a natural gas supplier for your business.

Existing Transportation Customers

UGI offers several resources to help our existing transportation customers:

  • Transporation Customer Portal - here you'll find 24/7 access to detailed information, review billing worksheets, access meter sheets, meter detail statements and other important documents.
  • Gas Management Website - this site is for natural gas suppliers who serve transportation customers within UGI service areas.
If you are interested in becoming a transportation customer please click here to obtain contact information for the Business Development Director near you.

Becky Eshbach

  • Phone: (610) 736-5430
  • E-Mail:

    Eastern Pennsylvania (Berks & Lehigh)

Steve Cook

  • Phone: (717) 255-1461
  • E-Mail:

    Central Pennsylvania (Harrisburg & Lancaster)

Don Brominski

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