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Gas for Business

Natural Gas is Naturally Smarter
Gas for Business

Many small to medium-sized businesses, like yours, are saving hundreds of dollars a year or more on their overall energy costs by switching to natural gas. You can, too.

Much of the country’s supply of this clean, abundant and reliable energy is being produced here in Pennsylvania. And, with costs of other forms of energy rising, many businesses are converting to natural gas. It not only helps reduce operational costs, but helps reduce your impact on the environment.

1. Complete our online form to find out if natural gas is available to your business.

2. Once it is confirmed that gas is available to your business, a UGI Gas Conversion Specialist will be in touch. He or she will help you with the next few steps:


UGI designs service to meet your equipment needs and provides estimated timing and cost (if any) for installation of the natural gas line. You’ll receive a customer agreement letter to sign and return that authorizes the service order.


UGI paints marks on or near your property, locating water, phone, sewer and electrical lines, as well as the gas main in the street. We then select the best proposed route for the new gas service line to your building, as well as the meter location.


UGI installs a service line from the street to your building. If digging is required, our crew backfills the hole. (NOTE: UGI is NOT responsible for private landscaping restoration.)


Find a contractor using our HVAC contractor locator who will install your high-efficiency natural gas appliance(s) and connect the equipment to the meter.


When you're ready, UGI or your contractor activates your gas service.