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Using Natural Gas for Businesses

Efficient, Eco-Friendly Applications for Businesses
Gas for Business > Using Natural Gas for Businesses

Whether your business is a restaurant, an industrial plant or involves building new homes, natural gas is sure to lower your equipment and operating costs.

Gas equipment is preferred by chefs and is less expensive to operate than electric. A wide range of natural gas commercial food service equipment is available.

  • Ranges/Cooktops: A natural gas range is an oven and cooktop, all in one convenient package, available in a variety of widths. Natural gas cooktops provide flexibility with different burner sizes, including a power burner. Most important, gas cooktops allow more precise heat control. Plus, sealed burners are easier to clean up (which saves labor dollars).
  • Deep Fat Fryers: Available in floor model and countertop styles, deep fat fryers are a popular component in commercial kitchens.
  • Ovens: Bake, broil or baste . . . a natural gas oven lets you do it all. Plus, you can control the heat for flawless cooking! Many styles and widths are available. 
  • Gas Booster Water Heaters: Natural gas booster water heaters heat water to 180 degrees F, which reduces the amount of chemicals required for sanitation and sterilization of utensils and dishes. Compared to other alternatives, natural gas booster water heaters cost about 45-50% less to operate than electric, have shorter cycle times, are environmentally friendly and use less water.

Natural gas heating and cooling saves your business money and creates a comfortable environment for customers and staff alike.

  • Boilers: Sectional Boilers are assembled using a number of cast sections – making them perfect for limited access – with efficiency ranges from 80 – 96%. Tube Boilers feature a compact design and increased heat transfer area. These boilers can be installed in multiples to meet larger heating demands and high efficiency condensing units are available. Efficiency ranges from 82 – 97%.
  • Space Heating: Several options are available each with its own advantages.
    • Rooftop Units are a common, low-cost HVAC system typically comprised of natural gas heat and electric air conditioning in one unit. With efficiency ranges from 80 – 90%, a longer equipment life than an electric air source heat pump and lower operating/maintenance costs, it’s easy to see why it is chosen by so many for their business heating and cooling needs.
    • Infrared Systems are an energy efficient alternative to unit heaters, particularly effective in spaces with high ceilings or in areas that are often open to the outside. They work by generating radiant heat energy that is absorbed by objects in its path. Infrared systems can provide fuel savings of 20 – 90% over conventional forced air heating.
    • Unit Heaters are a low-cost, easy-to-install option for space heating which offer efficiency ranges from 80% – 93%. Condensing units are available.
  • Cooling: Natural gas for commercial cooling is increasing because of technological innovations in cooling applications. There are three types of natural gas driven cooling processes:
    • Engine Driven Chillers use a natural gas engine, instead of an electric motor, to drive a vapor compression system. With these systems, waste heat from the gas engine can be used for heating applications, increasing energy efficiency.
    • Absorption Chillers provide cool air by evaporating a refrigerant like water or ammonia. These chillers are best suited to cooling large commercial buildings, like schools, office towers and hospitals.
    • Gas-Based Desiccant Systems cool by reducing humidity in the air. Cooling this drier air with a conventional cooling system requires much less energy than it would to cool the humid air.

Natural gas water heaters are available in tank and tankless styles. On average, tank style water heaters are 50% more efficient than electric and tankless style water heaters are 60% more efficient than electric. Both options offer low, annual carbon emissions—half that of electric.

  • Tank Units: Natural gas tank water heating units provide quick heat recovery. The units heat water twice as fast as electric and offer more hot water on demand. Natural gas water heaters have low annual carbon emissions.
  • Tankless Units: Tankless units take natural gas water heating a step further by delivering higher efficiency ratings, no storage tank standby losses and instant hot water.

Get affordable power everyday with CHP. Here’s how it works:

  • The heat output of MicroTurbines can be used to both heat and air condition your facility via absorption cooling. This offers your business an efficiency of more than 80% versus 35% at power plants. Ultimately you can reduce your annual energy costs, reduce peak electric energy costs and demand charges, and reduce annual carbon emissions by an average 20 – 40%.
  • Most projects have a natural gas engine or turbine that radiates heat that is captured and used in a heating application. The heat is then used to drive an absorption cooling machine that produces cooling. The natural gas engine or turbine is coupled with an electric generator to produce electric power.

Learn more about CHP.

Humidity control systems are used in a wide variety of applications, from hospitals to museums to food-processing plants. These systems help improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). By providing the proper humidity, you can keep mold and bacteria from growing on surfaces and properly preserve everything in a controlled environment. Humidity can also remove dust and harmful agents from the air within a controlled environment.

  • A natural gas desiccant dehumidifier can reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This device can help make your business easier to cool, making it more comfortable in the hot summer months.
  • A natural gas direct-fired steam humidifier, on the other hand, can provide increased moisture in the air during the winter months. It also eliminates dangers of static electricity, inhibits respiratory infections and allergy-related illnesses, all while protecting your equipment and furnishings.