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Explore Assistance Programs

Explore Assistance Programs

UGI is committed to helping customers who make a sincere effort to pay their bills. Our representatives can assist you by providing information on a variety of energy assistance programs, making referrals to local agencies, offering participation in fuel funds or establishing payment arrangements. 

If you are temporarily unable to pay your UGI bill, please contact the UGI Customer Information Center at 800-276-2722.

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Hearing or vision impaired?
on a fixed income?

You may be eligible for the UGI Due Date Extension Program, which allows additional time to deposit your monthly check and have your gas or electric bill payment reach UGI without late charges.

To apply, mail a copy of your social security award letter or other document proving your fixed income status—along with your UGI account number—to:

P.O. Box 13009
Reading, PA 19612-3009


If you currently have a valid Protection From Abuse order from a court, your service cannot be terminated during the winter without PUC permission. Some additional protections are available to you. Call 800-276-2722 immediately. (You will be required to provide us with a copy of the order.)

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Notify a Third-Party of an Overdue Bill

Fixed Income Due Date Extension Program