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Using Natural Gas

Naturally Clean, Convenient & Efficient
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Many people think of using natural gas to heat their homes, cook their food and fuel fireplaces.

But, did you know there are many more smart uses of natural gas in and around your home that will save you money and create more comfortable spaces?

Check out all the ways natural gas is a great choice at home.

Value Meets Comfort. On average, half of your home’s energy costs are spent on heating. Natural gas heating systems cost less to operate than other fuels. Regardless of where you live, natural gas is the most economical choice, which is why most home buyers across the country prefer natural gas.

Breathe easier when you choose natural gas:

  • Comfort: Heat from a natural gas furnace or boiler feels warm and cozy. That’s because the air is approximately 25 degrees warmer than the heat produced by an electric heat pump.
  • Efficiency: Today’s gas furnaces are up to 98% efficient. Oil heating systems, by contrast, can reach maximum efficiency levels of only 87%.
  • Cost: In most areas, a high-efficiency gas furnace costs up to 60% less to operate than a standard oil heating system and up to 40% less than an electric heat pump or electric furnace.
  • Reliability: Natural gas furnaces are highly durable. On average, a natural gas furnace will last six years longer than an electric heat pump and five years longer than an oil furnace.
  • Value: Natural gas furnaces and boilers do not require expensive back-up or supplemental systems. For a personalized, instant report on how much you’ll save with natural gas, use our Home Heating Savings Calculator.
  • Clean: Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available. Compared to an electric heat pump or electric furnace, a natural gas heating system emits up to 65% less carbon, reduces nitrous oxide emissions by up to 81% and virtually eliminates sulfur oxide emissions.

Get Cleaner and Greener. Natural gas water heaters are fast, efficient and easy on the environment. For all the hot water you need—when and where you need it—the natural choice is natural gas.

  • Performance: Conventional natural gas water heaters heat water twice as fast as electricity. That means less wait time for hot water. And, you can do the dishes, wash clothes and bathe the kids—all at the same time.
  • Value: Natural gas water heaters are one of the most economical choices available. In fact, a 40-gallon conventional gas water heater produces more hot water than a 50-gallon conventional electric system. With fast heat-up, a natural gas system requires less time and storage to keep the hot water running.
  • Environmental Impact: Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available. Natural gas water heating systems reduce carbon emissions by up to 57% and reduce nitrous oxide emissions by up to 77% compared to electric water heaters.
  • Peace of Mind: Many conventional natural gas water heating systems do not require power, so you can continue your daily routines even during a power outage.

All comfort, no hassle. Natural gas hearth products provide all the charm and elegance of wood burning models but without the mess and hassle. Simplicity, convenience, and efficiency—once you try gas, you’ll never go back to wood.

  • Hassle-free convenience: No wood to chop, store or carry, and no ashes to clean up. Gas logs are also an affordable way to revamp a wood-burning fireplace.
  • Ease of use: “Instant on” ambiance at the touch of a button or flick of a switch; “instant off” feature lets you go to sleep peacefully knowing the flames are out.
  • Efficiency: With efficiency ratings as high as 75%, natural gas fireplaces and free-standing stoves are economical ways to heat specific rooms or areas of a home.
  • Peace of mind: No sparking or hot ash, no creosote or chimney build-up. And, if the power goes out, your gas fireplace can be a back-up heat source.
  • Outdoor enjoyment: Fire pits and fireplaces extend your backyard living season.
  • Added home value:New home buyers rank hearth products among the top three most desirable features in a home. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, a fireplace increases your home’s value by approximately 12%.

The Perfect Recipe of Efficiency & Convenience. Better-tasting food, cooked fast. Nothing beats the quality, convenience and efficiency of cooking with natural gas.

  • Instant and fast: Burners on a gas cooktop turn on instantly and heat up faster than an electric range.
  • Savings and value: Today’s appliances use electronic ignition, eliminating the need for pilot lights and saving up to 30% in energy costs. On average, natural gas ranges last six years longer than their electronic counterparts.
  • Peace of mind: The visible flame and instant on/off function of a gas range are important safety features for your family. If your power goes out, you can still make hot meals using your gas cooktop.
  • Precision and control: Precise temperature control and even heat distribution mean better-prepared, tastier food. Probably why 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas (per the Professional Chef’s Association).

Look Great for Less Money. Drying your clothes with a natural gas dryer saves you time and money. A natural gas dryer heats up faster than an electric one and provides many other valuable benefits.

  • Two for one: You can dry two loads of laundry with a gas dryer for about the same cost as drying one load with an electric dryer.
  • Reliability: With fewer moving parts than an electric dryer, natural gas dryers are less likely to break down, and they last an average of 12 years.
  • Gentle: Faster heat-up and shorter drying times mean it’s gentler on fabrics, so your clothing lasts longer. Better temperature control means fewer wrinkles, and moisture sensors in gas dryers prevent over-drying of fabrics (virtually eliminating static cling).

Enjoy endless summer. Extend the good times on your patio and in your pool. Turn your backyard into your own personal resort (or make it feel like one) with any of the natural gas products listed below.

Natural Gas Grills

  • Never run out of fuel when connected to your home’s existing natural gas line.
  • More economical than charcoal or propane: natural gas cookouts cost about one-sixth the cost of a charcoal cookout and three-fourths the cost of a propane cookout.
  • Eliminate the long warm-up times associated with charcoal grills.
  • Can be permanently mounted, built into a surround or attached to a cart allowing the grill to be moved when not in use.

Patio Campfires (or Fire Pits)

  • A realistic look without the hassle of chopping or carrying wood.
  • Equipped with easy on/off controls; available in rock, brick or other natural materials.
  • Can be equipped with cooking options.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

  • Weather-resistant materials provide ambiance and warmth.
  • Easy to operate; can be built into a patio or deck.

Pool and Spa Heaters

  • Heat your pool, spa or hot tub water twice as fast as electricity.
  • Save time and money over electric heaters.

Patio Heaters

  • Provide a 15′ – 20′ circle of warmth that can be installed in-ground, deck mounted, hanging or portable.
  • Available in a range of finishes; include push-button ignition with adjustable heat controls.

Natural Gas Lights

  • Offer security during power outages.
  • Add charm and value to your property, without attracting bugs.
  • Can be mounted on posts or wall-mounted.
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