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Renewable Natural Gas

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UGI understands that climate change is a challenge that must be addressed to create a more sustainable future for our customers, employees, investors and the communities we serve. Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a viable, safe alternative energy source that will play a significant role in UGI’s clean energy future.

RNG is created from the capture of methane emissions that naturally occur at landfills, farms and other processing plants. The captured emissions are processed, conditioned and cleaned of impurities, to meet UGI’s gas quality requirements. The resulting RNG is fully interchangeable with pipeline natural gas and used to fuel homes and businesses.

Watch the following video to learn more about how RNG works:

Benefits of RNG:

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Emissions are reduced when methane that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere is captured and repurposed as RNG.

Increases Domestic Energy Production and Diversification

Provides security by increasing the domestic production of renewable non-fossil fuel energy that could supplement foreign produced transportation fuels such as oil.

Improves Waste Management

Collecting and processing animal waste from agricultural activities prevents run-off into local waterways and reduces groundwater contamination.

New Revenue Source for American Farmers

Creates an opportunity for dairy, hog, and poultry farmers to convert a waste problem into a valuable supplementary revenue source.

Innovative Domestic Job Creation

As the RNG industry continues to grow, increasing production will lead to the development and deployment of new technologies, while creating new green jobs that cannot be exported.

UGI’s Renewable Energy Future

In February 2021, UGI announced an agreement with Assai Energy, LLC to accept delivery of RNG from the Keystone Landfill into its distribution system in Lackawanna County. When fully operational, the UGI system will be the largest RNG supply point in the United States.

The incorporation of the RNG supplies into UGI’s distribution system provides benefits to the environment and to the many communities we serve. In addition to securing a local source of renewable energy for UGI customers, accepting the delivery of RNG for customer use reduces the release of naturally occurring methane from the Keystone Landfill into the atmosphere. This will reduce CO2 emissions, equivalent to 67,000 passenger vehicles over the course of a calendar year.

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RNG is Clean and Safe

RNG injected into UGI’s distribution pipelines is subject to a thorough cleansing and purification process in order to meet UGI specifications. Additionally, a harmless additive, called Mercaptan is combined with the RNG to aid in detection, just like natural gas.

Diagram of the RNG process: CO2 and methane collected from Landfills and Farms, then is cleaned up by UGI, and delivered to customer home