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Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

UGI Utilities is committed to sustainable business practices and growing the Company in an environmentally responsible way.

Natural gas is a clean‐burning, efficient, cost effective and abundantly available energy source. We pursue innovative and efficient energy solutions to benefit our customers and our communities.

Natural Gas vs. Coal, Oil and Electric

Natural gas is much cleaner than alternatives like coal, oil and electric (site to source). Our teams continue to work with customers and regulators to convert customers to natural gas as an abundant and reliable energy source.

UGI Utilities has converted 90,000 households to natural gas over the past ten years. The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is equivalent to removing 127,000 cars from the road, resulting in nearly $80 million in annual energy cost savings.

UGI currently serves over 3,900 MW of power generation capacity - cutting carbon dioxide emissions in half when compared to typical coal-fired plants generating comparable levels of electricity.

UGI Utilities remains committed to providing natural gas to unserved or underserved regions of Pennsylvania. The UGI Growth Extension Tariff (GET) is an innovative pilot program designed to provide natural gas service to regions without access today.

Reducing Our Customers’ Emissions

UGI Utilities created dedicated Gas and Electric Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) programs that incentivize customers with rebates to offset the incremental equipment cost to install high efficiency appliances (ENERGY STAR® rated) over less expensive, standard efficiency appliances. High efficiency appliances will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while lowering the customer’s utility bills.

In total, over 700,000 customers have access to the Company's energy efficiency and conservation programs. Residential customers are eligible for rebates valued up to $1,500 and a few commercial customers have received rebates in excess of $100,000, which enabled them to make further investments in their facilities.

From 2017-2021, the UGI Save Smart Program has distributed over $29 million in rebates. The program is responsible for saving 747,121 MCF of natural gas and 49,013 MWh of electricity, which prevented 76,644 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

One particular project for a small business customer resulted in a $51,000 rebates, substantial energy savings, and the receipt of the National Green Building Council Small Business Project of the Year award in 2017.

Water Management

While UGI does not use a significant amount of water resources in our regular business activities, we recognize the importance of maintaining water quality. Water analysis is an important aspect of UGI Utilities’ gas main construction. We conduct engineering analyses as part of our pipeline design to assess potential discharges to waterways. Through those efforts, we identify best practice management strategies for mitigating potential discharges.

We include these practices in our plans and permits so that they are employed during the construction phase. This includes engineering analysis of horizontal drills below waterways to assess potential inadvertent returns to those waters, and implementation of engineering controls during the drilling operations to prevent and contain any inadvertent returns that may occur. Additionally, we comply with all necessary regulations, including the Clean Water Act.

Methane Management

UGI Utilities continues to work towards more efficient methane management. As such, UGI is a partner in the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR and Methane Challenge programs. Participation in these programs signals a commitment to reduce methane emissions and furthers our goal to be a more efficient natural gas distribution company.

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