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Gas System Overview

Safely Designed for Efficient Operation

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UGI’s natural gas system spans more than 13,000 miles of distribution main, with customers in certificated portions of 46 counties in Pennsylvania and one county in Maryland. 

UGI is committed to the safe and reliable delivery of energy to our customers’ homes and businesses. This commitment drives our efforts and decisions for the design, operation and maintenance of our natural gas system.

Safe System Design

When designing new pipeline projects, UGI considers a range of factors from customer requirements to suitable locations for pipelines. Factors considered in pipe replacement include maintenance, corrosion, leak and repair history, material composition, age, pressure, size of pipe, local conditions and third-party construction projects located near our facilities.

Safe System Operation

UGI regularly inspects and monitors all of the natural gas mains and services throughout the system to ensure safe operation and system integrity. We utilize modern technology to routinely leak-survey the natural gas system and follow a comprehensive system surveillance and damage prevention program that complies with current corrosion control industry standards.

UGI employees are highly skilled and experienced and are well-trained to maintain the gas system and respond to emergencies. We also work closely with our industry peers, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and officials at the federal, state and local level to enhance gas system safety programs within the industry.

Keeping You Informed

UGI regularly notifies the public about infrastructure improvement projects and offers safety reminders. We provide this information to customers and the community through mailings, media outreach and social media, as well as through one-on-one interactions with customers who contact us by email or phone.

UGI is a member of the Pennsylvania One Call System (811) and supports the program by providing information and reminders to both customers and excavators. UGI is more than willing to provide information directly to property owners regarding the location and type of Company facilities adjacent to their properties. We encourage customers with concerns or questions about natural gas facilities serving their property to call us at 800-276-2722.