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Choosing a Supplier

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  1. Customer Choice
  2. Choosing a Supplier

In Pennsylvania, consumers can choose the company that provides their energy, also known as their supplier. Regardless of the supplier you choose, UGI Utilities will continue to bring it to your home.

For example, UGI’s traditional or “bundled” natural gas service is made up of three parts:

1) Supplying the gas

UGI purchases natural gas from producers and re-sells it to you at the same price.

2) Transporting the gas

Transporting the gas. To deliver gas to our local area, UGI transports it through large interstate pipelines owned by other companies.

3) Distributing the gas locally

UGI owns and maintains a network of local pipelines that deliver the natural gas to your home or business.

With natural gas choice, you can shop around and select the supplier (#1 and #2 above) who will provide your gas supply and transportation services. UGI will continue to deliver the natural gas to your home or business through our local pipelines (#3 above).